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Time Spent in Guantánamo is Time No One Gets Back — Whether Soldier or Prisoner


Time Spent in Guantánamo is Time No One Gets Back — Whether Soldier or Prisoner

Frida Berrigan

I love my local paper. The Day is locally owned and based right in downtown New London, Connecticut. They publish an actual, physical newspaper every single day and have a first rate photo department.


This story brought to mind a thought.
* I imagine the SS officers and men who were rotated back to Germany after a one or two year posting to Treblinka or Dachau were glad to be home, were met with tears of joy from wives and children, too.
* What is needed is that this horror must end, not be repeated from generation to generation.
* We need no concentration camps, no gulags, no endless wars for profits for the 0.001%, the real rulers of most of the earth.
* What we need is what the United Nations was supposed to be; an organization where people of all nations and creeds could sit down and discuss problems, negotiate and compromise to solve problems; where such things as poverty, disease, hunger, could be solved by these people, these nations.
* Sadly, the "Big Five", the "winners" of WW-II decided that they were not going to be "ruled" by several hundred nations that did not have their firepower, so the Security Council was devised. Anything the UN did had to be sent to the Security Council for approval, The Big Five had veto power, and they used it mercilessly.
* The result was that, to try to accomplish anything, it had to anticipate anything that might upset a member or members of the Security Council and draw a veto.
* That is the reason the UN has become little more than a debating society. It functioned well in its first years, before the Security Council realized its power.
* When I was very young, the world had hope. It had survived the most horrible war in history and made an agreement that war was illegal and punishable.
* The Big Five quickly put an end to that dream.


Gitmo: [def] see Uncle Sam stepping into a steaming pile of shit.


The UN basically acts like Madison envisioned the US, to protect the elite minority from the tyranny of the majority.


No, that's the Security Council, but you nailed its function.


Remember the adage: "What if they gave a war and nobody came?"

Well, what if no guards showed up to maintain prisons?

How many of these proud uniformed gendarmes still believe in the tripe that made the faux case for war? How many who view these youthful idealists caught in bounty hunters' driftnets really took them for "the worst of the worst"?

And how many of them hide behind religious delusion in choosing to believe that any opponent of Jesus is an "enemy of god and/or this 'Christian' nation"?


And just think how quickly most of this insanity would evaporate if we just had our Constitution back in the Halls of Government, intact and functioning.