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'Time to Act for the Future of Our Planet': Rest of Congress Urged to Follow as Sanders and Ocasio-Cortez Unveil Climate Emergency Declaration

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/09/time-act-future-our-planet-rest-congress-urged-follow-sanders-and-ocasio-cortez

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Better Nate than lever!


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I get so angry at this kind of nonsense.

It’s like a bunch of idiots standing in a lifeboat with a leak talking on and on and on about how this is an emergency and we better patch that leak soon and the whole time someone already is doing her best to patch the leak and they ignore her instead of helping her patch the leak.

They act as if the legislation they keep saying we need someday soon hasn’t already been written. What the hell is wrong with them?

The Off Fossil Fuels Act (OFF Act)

I call on all these climate change activists to put their activism into passing the OFF Act.


Gee, if all we need is leadership in congress, maybe the Dems could fire Pelosi, or we could elect a couple of hundred Greens next year.


The Off Fossil Fuels Act - the climate change legislation that was introduced in the House in 2017 by Tulsi Gabbard and has a number of important co-sponsors in the House.

Maybe this does not get at much mention as the Green New Deal because it got little notoriety in the House when Repubs were in control. However, you are correct that this plan needs to get more consideration by anyone who says they care about the climate crisis.


Yep, Yep, Yep.
I’d like to see plans for the changes needed in farming for warmer weather. Oranges and pineapples and coconuts, anyone?
I’d like to talk about emergency oxygen for the sick,and frail first, and then for the rest of us.
I’d like to see plans for rehousing all of us around the world who live within five feet of sea level – for now, and higher later.
I’d like to talk about getting fracked water into clean water.

sigh— I suppose when people start hijacking all the bottled water delivery trucks, that then—more people will figure out that there is a climate crisis EMERGENCY! And then too, they will realize that WATER is LIFE!


Hi WiseOwl:
The best laid plans of snake and man, often go squish. : (

Declarations, statements and the ever popular (none binding) resolutions are all we can expect from America’s “leadership” because in reality they are not the ones calling the shots.
For that you have to look to the oligarchy and the MIC whose collective interests run contrary to that of any sane individual.

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Maybe, I should read these …. climate emergency plans… just to make sure I am correct, but, I bet they do nothing, to actually address the senseless, wasteful and frivolous activities and production which causes green house gases in the first place… nope… no one is going to bring up some of the ways we can IMMEDIATELY REDUCE EMISSIONS… by cutting flying by … well, over 50% or even more… maybe 70%… and that could take effect right away…boom… it’s a law… you cannot fly your private jet to a Superbowl or any bowl for that matter… and well, hey no more professional sports in the first damn place… there’s a lot of saved co2… and we get rid of plastic containers, by making it a law that all grocery stores have to be bulk food… .you bring your old plastic yogurt container, tide bottle, peanut butter jar, and refill it… we kill two or three birds with one stone… we need less oil, because we make less plastic, we make less co2 because we manufacture less plastic, we make less co2, because we do not need diesel trucks to run around and pick up recycles… we make less co2, because we do not have to process recycles… or not as much… we make it law, that all grocery stores, have to have recycle bins for those old containers that eventually, have to go by the way side… but, while they are still good for one to maybe even 7 years… we can get a lot of use out of them… and these are just a few ideas as to how NOT TO MAKE co2 in the first damn place… and … oh and you have to keep your new car… for at least 10 years… well, I won’t hold my breath ……also, I do not truly believe that any of this would help at this point anyway… too bad this type of things wasn’t done decades ago…

You’ll sooner see Single payer passed than you will any form of Green legislation.
Even though the vast majority of democratic voters, and clear majorities of all Americans, want single payer and now want global warming addressed, neither of these proposals stands has a snowballs chance at Beezelbubs summer picnic.
Not until Americans are starving in the streets and killing each other for water will you see anything even attempted to address global warming. And so long as it’s not white people dying, nothing will be done. Less than nothing.
You can count on it.

During the Viet Nam occupation era we were constantly reminded that if we were not part of the solution we were part of the problem.

This mantra is more true today than at any other time in US history. Green New Dealers are part of the solution and we need to be all in with them.

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“During the Vietnam occupation era we were constantly reminded that if we were not part of the solution we were part of the problem.”

An axiom that could be used by either the war crowd or the peace movement.

Hi WiseOwl: Thank you for Nate the Snake : )

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