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'Time to Act Is Now': North American Scientists Unite Against Tar Sands


'Time to Act Is Now': North American Scientists Unite Against Tar Sands

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

"No new oil sands or related infrastructure projects should proceed unless consistent with an implemented plan to rapidly reduce carbon pollution, safeguard biodiversity, protect human health, and respect treaty rights."

So begins a letter (pdf) published Wednesday by more than 100 leading scientists from the U.S. and Canada, two days after G7 countries pledged to be free of their reliance on fossil fuels by the end of the century.


Too little, too late. The horses and cows are out of the barn so closing the door is almost futile. Where was the outrage when tar sands extraction was in its planning stages? Back in the late 60’s and 70’s there was talk of oil shale/tar sands extraction but it got no further than the drawing board because it would be too co$tly and environmentally destructive. Since Reagan came to office along with his thugnicans, our nation has had to fight against environmental and ecological destruction at the hands of energy companies and their industrial partners in crime. St. RR sought to eliminate the Clean Air and Clean Water acts during the first six months of his first term albeit unsuccessfully, thank heavens. We are paying a huge price for the damage that has been done to date. And the outlook is dismal.


Dismal indeed considering that all the “trade pacts” about to be implemented are designed to eliminate any existing regulation of this madness…


There is one problem about scientists. They are intelligent, logical and expect the greedy fools that run the world to be the same.


There is an outside chance that Michael Bloomberg and hedge fund pals can find enough individuals with both some money to put into the problem and some interest to put such money into trying to at least extend the time until the **** hits the fan on catastrophic climate change, to be able to bribe fossil fuel extraction firms to accept the same money they could expect to make extracting fossil fuel to instead KEEP IT IN THE GROUND. There may or may not be enough persons with both money and willingness to invest it in BOTH AT THE SAME time replacing fossil fuel with renewable energy AND bribing the fossil fuel extraction firms to KEEP IT IN THE GROUND to raise the needed funds. Michael Bloomberg and pals estimated $200billion/year for something like 30 years for the replacement with renewable energy half of the problem for the United States alone.