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'Time to Act': Nationwide Protests Planned If Barr Fails to Release Full Mueller Report By Tonight

'Time to Act': Nationwide Protests Planned If Barr Fails to Release Full Mueller Report By Tonight

Jake Johnson, staff writer

A coalition of progressive advocacy groups representing millions of Americans is planning mass protests nationwide if Attorney General William Barr fails to release the full Mueller report by Tuesday night, the deadline established by congressional Democrats.

Looks like the Committee to Re-Elect Trump is at full speed. The progressive (neoliberal) groups chasing Trump would better serve all democrats and American citizens by joining Bernie (a real progressive) in fleshing out a comprehensive campaign strategy that serves all…not a few, as planned by the neos.


Meanwhile our extinction proceeds uninterrupted.


More insanity. The article states the Trump is not above the law coalition wants everybody to go out into the streets if the Mueller report isn’t released. How about the Medicare for All Coalition or the Save the Planet Coalition going out in the streets? Because these organizations don’t exist. The powers that be are still distracting the population with the Russia/Trump collusion myth. While the hysteria reigns, the killing in Gaza and Yemen goes on and on, and carbon emissions are still increasing. We are looking at environmental collapse and people go bankrupt for the sin of not being able to pay their medical bulls or worse, they simply die because they cannot afford any care at all.
The intelligence agencies and a willing MSM that serve the interests of wealth and corporations have spun a collusion narrative where every aspect was debunked along the way. We are expected to believe a private Russian company spending literally $45,000 on Facebook ads and less than $3000 on Google ads before the 2016 election caused Hillary to lose the presidency she was supposed to have.
I am ready for a General Strike. It would have nothing to do with an Intelligence agency manufactured “crisis.” It would be because people are suffering and dying and the planet is failing.
The American people have been punked and I refuse to be a part of it.


Thank you.


How about a little sanity,


To Attorney General (“nothing to see here, folks”) William Barr, please refresh my memory on the definition of Aiding and Abetting After the Cause. Inquiring minds like mine want to know.


We all hate Trump but, if this red herring of a report is to be his undoing, we are all going to be disappointed (as usual). The Dims need to push the issues of healthcare, never ending wars, and fair tax laws if they expect to win in elections. This report is really an excuse for the Democrats inability to communicate policies and to advocate for change. Just politics to the extreme.


Not only did the Clinton-dominated Dem party ensure a rigged system for Hillary to be the only ‘choice’ as a candidate in 2016, then being even less likeable and electable than Trump, we can now thank her, once again, for ensuring his re-election.

How many commentaries saying this, that the whole bogus Russiagate distraction/diversion from the real issues in question, have given 2020 to Trump? I’ve lost count, quite frankly.

And to read this drivel on CD . . . well, why not just buy a MAGA cap and send along a few bucks to the Trump re-election campaign fund.

(As if to make my point, there is this, the fourth in a series on Consortium News . . . )


Here is a good analysis of the insanity:

And yes, Common Dreams, I am all for releasing the Mueller Report, every last page, comma and period, but that won’t do a thing to redeem the M$M and their lust for more war.



The second the report went to Barr, it became illegitimate, as it could have been tampered with. It’s worthless. The Mueller Report stunk the day it got started, same as Coney/ Clinton.

If the implosion of the collusion theory is so humiliating, why so much resistance to releasing the full report? Don’t you see that it proves that Trump has something to hide?


Muller has a copy. Don’t worry lol

It’s All About The Benjamins

That is an incredibly bad analysis.


The people that bought off the DNC don’t want any of those things though.


Barr will put out what he legally can. Dems are on the losing end of this if they think he won’t follow the regulations.

And that is why Clinton lost to an unqualified imposter.

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He wasn’t an imposter.

Pardon me Common Dreams but the really big issue is that Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State and the Clinton Foundation shared the same unsecured server that resulted in the biggest security breach in US history. She is free to walk!! That Hillary ran a Pay fro Play racket as Sec of State is bleeding bloody obvious to a half wit and yet no mention by Barr or Trump.

Trump is busy dumping on the previous President who he hates because of…race. Meanwhile he lets his old white criminal cartel buddies get off. Where is the rage? Where is the editorial urging a special counsel investigation? It is Clinton / Uranium One / Canada that is the issue not Russia.