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'Time to Act': Nationwide Protests Planned If Barr Fails to Release Full Mueller Report By Tonight

Everybody’s wrong. First, we have no idea what is in the report. Whether you believe it or not Barr is a CIA agent and of course he was chosen to destroy the evidence but we do not know what it says. The Clintons are criminals. They aided in the Iran Contra scandal and helped train the Contras, run CIA coke into Mena, Arkansas for Jesus and rape Haiti into a red, white and blue mush. Every Republican is worse.
Trump is a criminal and whether it’s the Russian mob he owes money or Russian billionaires he wants to help him build a Moscow Trump Tower, Trump is hiding a Russian problem. Did the Russians lose the last election for us? No. Our government may rig the elections for all we know but Bernie quit. Last night I quit Bernie. Today, I resigned and donated because although he quit he remains I think the only candidate who may not betray us. Barry betrayed us. We don’t need White Barry Biden. I don’t know anymore than you do but I do know from the Sixties, the pigs will beat the absolute shit out of you so be prepared to go to war if you think you can call them war criminals to their faces. Their is no rhyme or reason to our insane government but the one and only commonality is greed and the defenseless are targeted regardless of color or ethnicity. Sure, some hate blacks more than others but all of these are acquired, not innate traits. We have hope. We have our souls. Other than that we need some shades. It’s gonna be stifling. peace.

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well put - there seems to be some consensus here

your handle inspires the thought - the institutionalized government system that mistook its trash for a task

I don’t see the big deal. There will always be something to move on to next. Stay engaged and be excellent to one another.

Aaron Mate:
" Prominent media outlets that spun an outlandish tale of a compromised or even treasonous president should be held to account for the most catastrophic failure since the days when the media promoted the fiction of Saddam Hussein’s “weapons of mass destruction” as a reason for the Iraq War. Leading Democrats should explain how it is that their promises of “more than circumstantial evidence of collusion,” as Representative Adam Schiff (D-CA) put it, resulted in zero indictments on such charges…"

That’s what should happen, but if WMD is any guide then it won’t. Russiagate was successful in several ways, I’ll name one: It kept any real resistance to Trump’s policies from forming. The late political scientist Sheldon Wolin described the Democrats as the “inauthentic opposition party.” That’s important to remember. If the Democrats were really concerned about Trump’s fascist tendencies why would they give him more $ than he asked for, for the Pentagon’s budget - twice.


There is certainly evidence of this. Disney Corporation owns ABC News. They are not journalists. CBS, NBC, MSNBC, FOX are all owned by corporations or right wing families like SInclair News, Gannett, USA Today. There were privately owned newspaper chains up to Seventies when most were bought by corporations not to report news but to create money making news. It has NOTHING to do with real journalism which demands ethical objectivity, timeliness and accuracy. America is a capitalist fraud and it is exactly why we are on this site being allowed to tell the truth in real time. IRAQ IS THE SECOND LARGEST OIL RESERVE ON THE PLANET. Bonzo armed Saddam from 81 to 88 to murder Iranians. It is always about oil and money and if America could get past a ninth grade education cumulatively we might understand the essence of rape and pillage with stealth bombers the dead babies couldn’t even see in their dreams. THIS is America and it is why I write, I vote and served during our rape of Southeast Asia. I was wrong but I try to learn! Don’t be surprised by the degree of betrayal. Oh and by the way, World Trade Center Tower Number Seven did NOT collapse from adjacent heat. It was blown up floor by floor with preset charges, all of which was covered up by our government. The New York firefighters told the truth about it being blown up by the owner and then the city fought the firefighters for their legal health claims. Red, white and blue betrayal Baby. We are betrayed. DO you see the plane hitting the Pentagon? WHY would we not see it incessantly to rally us against Islam; the same Islam the aforementioned Bonzo the Chimp Trainer nuclear armed when Bonzo sold nukes to Pakistan in 81 and a delivery system. Nukes are no good if you can’t sling them or drop them. Republican Ronald Reagan nuclear armed Islam in 1981. THEN, our CIA trained the same Muslim terrorists we fight today through Pakistani Intelligence Services to kill the Russians in Afghanistan. OUR CIA is the essence of all evil, It is sooooo evil it is hard to define and it is real and it is our secret government. DO not be surprised by what they will do to survive. Fight back. Get news from Global Research News or Consortium for Independent Journalism, Democracy Now, Common Dreams, Alter Net, Think Progress, Buzz Feed. Truth is out there. Be sweet. Be kind. Do not let the mutants rob our souls. Not today. Not ever. It is our world. Take it.

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Absolutely spot-on response. I could hear your righteous anger and outrage, and I second those emotions. I’m fed up with this to the point of wanting to burn down the GD media. And “Common Cause” and “Move-On” don’t speak for me. Where do they come off saying "people across the country are demanding a National Day of protest? This is such bullshit. I’m so sick of this Trump/Russia Collusion thing, I could spit bullets. This is abusive beyond the pale. Enough already!

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Did someone send a quick link to Storm-Front and the Green Party chat rooms, enough tin foil hanging out in here to make a new roadside attraction! (btw - the tinfoil should be inside your MAGA hats not on the outside),…but of course, given the comments, I guess it really doesn’t matter, no-one posting is apparently making much effort at hiding their agenda or their actual political views. Never mind, have fun, no one pays much attention to such drivel anyway, that’s probably why you all seek out such looney tunes beliefs to begin with.

You and Joanie like burning little girls alive for tax free war profits Trakar?

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If Trump decides to investigate the investigation, unlike Russiagate, there is a there there. There is collusion in the Democrats, the CIA and FBI.

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Whereas there may not have been outright collusion, there’s little question that Russia DID interfere in our 2016 election on behalf of their “Useful Idiot”, Donald J. Trump, and if you do not want another four (or many more??) years of Presidunce Tweetle-Dumb beginning in 2025, we’d better make damn sure that Russia doesn’t interfere again in 2020.

Here is how William Falk, Editor-in-Chief of ‘The Week’, describes William Barr’s summary of the Mueller Report in the current (April 5, 2019) issue of his magazine (emphases mine):

It’s rather hard for me to imagine any parties more susceptible to the temptations of financial corrup-
tion than Donald J. Trump and the extended Drümpf crime family.