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Time to Act on Dr King’s Call to Tackle Evils of Racism, Economic Exploitation, and War

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/06/16/time-act-dr-kings-call-tackle-evils-racism-economic-exploitation-and-war


MLK and RFK were both killed because they agreed to begin a national war on poverty detached from race. To the leaders of our duopoly this is the biggest “Taboo” of all - because absent the constant shield of race-baiting the true face of the peoples adversary is revealed. This unfinished work must begin again.

Systemic racism is the blunt tool that drives a wedge of fear and envy throughout our country. It wants society to focus on “otherness” and “division”, it wants you to forget that poor is poor regardless of race - 80% of the united states lives paycheck to paycheck or worse, if your a part of that 80% i got news for you, you ain’t rich, you ain’t even middle class - whatever that is now-a-days, you’re officially a part of that “other” group.


It’s going to take all the nations coming together to form a Worldwide government.
The U.N is powerless against the rich powerful nations nationalistic agendas .


I don’t see light at the end of the tunnel. I’m an optimist by nature. I’m also a realist. The manufacture of arms continues. The defense budget grows each year. We sell arms to our adversaries. So dumb. We sell/share nuclear technology with other countries-again frenemies, if you will. They also spy on us as we do them. It’s just a matter of time before some nutter decides they have had it with the arrogant and very hypocritical USA and nukes us-not caring one bit about the consequences. Or that guy pretending to be president doing so in a fit in the next four months when he doesn’t get his way. We all need an exit strategy.

Lets talk economic exploitation.

I will call attention to Ann Pettifor’s words cause, yes, I do want to be vindicated. The whole paid-to-write-world should start realizing others want to be heard when they’re making sense [bound to happen someday with the net & blogs], so trust me I’m no more vain or different than many others. Yes, vindication, but the other reason’s way more important…that ANN PETTIFOR IS RIGHT 00:06:23 - 00:06:45, and IMO she’s got it down to the simplest formulation (also later when she enters the discussion again…she’s right then too).

[caps for emphasis not shouting; only have so much time to re-draft/re-purpose this thing] There seems to be an internet law regarding…the more “participation” is hyped the less the “participants” are heard. Consider this: I know of two guys who comment on their own fb pages, two peace promoters…I mean who ANSWER the comments of others. Not to put down the people who have busy REAL lives, though these two guys are published and it appears pretty busy on top of writing whatever. Actually, the REAL side of my life is busy too (I’m even “essential”). Yes, I do imagine some show-creators and some podcasters and some writer/podcasters are SUPER busy getting decent stuff together. But there are others who I picture as more “set,” maybe with a Nobel prize or something. And it’s NOT TO BLAME JOSEPH; no one, least of all me, can judge who is able to listen to what others are saying, and/or to answer two or three folks they don’t know a few days outta the week. But somehow the intelligentsia is top heavy, and stays stuck in its own narratives/explanations. It’s not to trash all the ATTEMPTS of individuals in the intelligentsia to explain, nor their DESIRES to explain. Their attempts and desires have helped me immensely and, like I’ve always said, some renegade economists and some renegade musicians are the only quasi-decent justifications for “meritocracy” I can see out there (saw out there during a time period that just ended).

from Open Democracy 6/18/20 ~https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y8CW2D_WIro&fbclid=IwAR2S1cOfb9ywshR7IimRE2Xx6VqaBa_fmILOZZNkuHakJUKf9O5qsiFFytA

All right, I heard the whole thing. Stiglitz ended FINE.

But when the beginning score was: Ignorance 0 Informed 0

it was like Pettifor got things going hitting in three guys on base

The historic narrative has been COLONIALISM as indigenious exploitation for INDUSTRIALISATION supporting MILITARISATION and IMPERIALISM.

While achieving globalism and disarmament, we can deconstruct institutional intimidation and apply empowering social discipline. The antithesis of industrialisation is then sufficiency; traditionalisation that recovers institutions of the household as site of production, community gathering place as site of governance, and parents as carer/educators.

A market shift to household production with neighbourhood centre support would integrate public services and psychosocial support beside community governance groups, network local governments and corporates within cooperative markets, and drive behavioural change to limit overconsumption.

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Great post. Courages people are doing just that at this point in Seattle’s CHOP/CHAP zone: An experiment in autonomy.
Nikkita Oliver, former Seattle mayoral candidate, and emerging activist for the cause, has this to say:
‘We need to align ourselves with the global struggle that acknowledges that the US plays a role in racialized capitalism. Racialized capitalism is built upon patriarchy, white supremacy, and classism.’

Liberte Egalite Fratetnite
The Spirit of the French Revolution is the only exit strategy feasible to successfully remove the US fascist scum for good…