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Time to 'Break Facebook Up,' Sanders Says After Leaked Docs Show Social Media Giant 'Treated User Data as a Bargaining Chip'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/11/06/time-break-facebook-sanders-says-after-leaked-docs-show-social-media-giant-treated

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Facebook gave Amazon special access to user data because it was spending money on Facebook advertising

Isn’t it time more of us join in boycotting these corporate cretins?


I never used Facebook
: It sounded too much like Orwell’s , " 1984." Remember what happened to Winston Smith. Besides, it’s very sad when corporations turn into Nazis.
Maybe people should reread that part of the 6th amendment about “unreasonable search and seizure.” And after they read it, they should use it for every commercial offer they get.


Dumping Zuckerberg would be a good start.


Stay off Facebook. Avoid Twitter. Buy from your local hardware store.


Bernie, the first thing that has to happen is to fix our elections. Without that, nothing you want can happen. HR1 or Rho Khanna’s bill needs to pass now.


re-install the equal time rules for political candidates at every level.

apply this to social media internet sites, APPs, and whatever becomes popular next integer of mass communications.

This does not need any constitutional amendment.

Democracy begins with Justice.
And it slip slides away.
a bit every day
Oh, what a price we’ll pay


Fuck the Zuck


…I don’t care for Amazon at all, but when I have to buy something at my local “very rural” hardware store, the price is $14.99 and the Amazon price is $10.49 delivered, the difference is ‘lunch’ and I like lunch, I’ll take the lunch and curse Amazon. I’d love to boycott if I could actually afford it…


$4.50 lunch
used to be, but no longer around here.
and the Higher local price stays in your community. Amazon loot does not.

And the locals pay taxes and amazon does not.
You can inspect your purchase at the local store.
At amazon, lots of copy cat fakes.

Harbor Freight also has low Chinese quality tools for low prices. Big box stores are now bringing this crap to their shelves also. Suggest if you are young, purchase the better quality for many years of use.

If you are old, like me, just pound a nail into it !!!


…That hardware store is ACE, where most of their profits go not to my town but some bigger town and bank. I know the ups and downs of where all my money goes and I just don’t have a lot of it and have to spend it wisely. I buy my groceries at the local market, of which they own two. Their prices are more than Safeway, but the staff are much friendlier and are paid better. If I go to the next larger towns (60-120 miles), I still have to use Costco and Trader Joe’s (which are not in my town) it’s still that corporate deal. We’re just lucky all our groceries don’t come from China…


We also have Ace here and it is convenient, pricey -as we both know. The employees are locals. The owner is local. They pay property taxes, state, county and city income taxes - none of these are paid by amazon. These hard earned dollars support schools. The Ace is like a co-operative that can purchase large lots, gallons of paint for example, and distribute them to hundreds of stores. If the local Ace was on his own to negotiate and purchase everything - prices would be 40% higher, he would go out of business, your locality loses jobs, tax income, convenience, and free coffee!!

We all recognize that we have had 10+ years of great depression #2 and we need to be frugal.

Amazon web site just replaces the Sears catalog of 100 years ago.

I think most shrimp come from China.


I think you might have fat fingered that 6. Did you mean 4th amendment?

Either way, as long as people give up their data voluntarily it doesn’t apply.

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That’s a shame. The family owned hardware store here, also rural, has beat the big box stores prices when I’ve submitted material lists to them for jobs I’ve done, and their wood is better quality too, that seems to be an issue here.


We need to be catching up to the research work over the last decade of scarcely referenced Harvard Business Professor Emeritus Shoshana Zuboff on the need (in her view to save Market Democracy) to break up what she has termed the Surveillance Capitalism of high tech and the feudal lords of finance as well as the business models of the dominant cyber platforms like Amazon, FaceBook and Google.

Prof. Zuboff sounds like someone who has come to the same conclusions as Bernie Sanders has come to vis a vis the big banks. Or as former Citi Bancorp CEO and Clinton-Rubin-Summers Neo-Liberal E-CON svengali Sandy Weill termed the big six too big to fail\jail globalist “Supermarkets of Financial Services” and their insurance underwriters at AIG and the U.S. Treasury.

Prof. Zuboff has her sights set on the prevailing cyber extractive services Data Mining business modelers of the high tech monopolists, telecomm robber barons and oligarchs awash in hoarded and concentrated wealth.
Zuboff is coming from an opposing Market-based viewpoint to democratic socialism yet reaching very nearly the same prescriptions as today’s (and yesteryears’) democratic socialists.

Prof Zuboff’s prescriptions to revive Anti-Trust enforcement of TeleComm along with High Tech’s monopolists and the cartel of globalist business to business market makers and what I refer to as the trans national Corporate Caliphate has made for strange fellow travelers. Check out Common Dreams article about the YouTube\U. of Tube conference co-hosted by Canadian Journalist and democratic socialist academic Naomi Klein. In partnership with the Cassandra of Market Democracy’s demise in the retired and long ignored Harvard Business Professor Zuboff, now newly freed to become an activist and academic circuit-rider should anti-trust enforcement remain dormant as Surveillance Capitalism (Zuboff’s academic work at Harvard Biz School, arguably the most Elite Seat of Neo-Liberal E-CON’s GOLDEN PASSPORT) and Shock Doctrine Capitalism (Naomi Klein’s academic work and journalism in Canada and now at Rutgers) keep concentrating wealth into the hands of those destined to underwrite the next generation of Daddy Warbucks.

Mitch Ritter\Paradigm Sifters & Shifters
Lay-Low Studios, Ore-Wa
Media Discussion List

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Just as a note I am in the IT Industry. When facebook first came out along with other such platforms I had nephews nieces cousins and siblings all ask about it. I also ready a whole lot of Science fiction as a kid along with books like 1984. I told them do NOT use it. Stay away. You do not need it.

Those that followed my advice are grateful. Those that did not now tell me “I should have listened to you”

Remember grandparents saying "Do not get a tattoo as you will regret it when you are older’? This is 10000 times worse. (I also refuse to use debit cards and still pay in cash)


Hey there Lorenzo along with Oldie who prompted Lorenzo to comment. Yer closing line in this posted comment " We’re just lucky all our groceries don’t come from China…" is true for the moment. However, on your attempts to keep your meager earnings circulating on Main Street rather than being sucked up to Wall Street’s far flung traders and investors with no skin in a blue collar town’s Main Street.

I work for 20 cents above our state’s minimum wage on a union contract by our UFCW Local 555 at a Fred Meyer store long since bought up by Cincinnati’s nationally dominant big box grocer, Krogers. Workers at this once family-owned regional Pacific NW chain have had no defense to the part-timing, de-professionalization, contract out-sourcing of shelvers and marketing merchandising vendors while in-house under-staffing has created ghost towns under big box store rooves where there’s no one left in the aisles or sections to ask any questions. These are the Best Investor Practices as practiced by Krogers Out-of-Touch Centralized Cincy Execs who’ve methodically put most of the West of the Rockies competition not named WalMart or Cerberus Capital Holdings (that Vulture Fund bought up the Albertsons and now Safeway chains) out of business.

Our UFCW union hierarchy just settled with Krogers on behalf of the union members who voted to ratify a strike against Krogers refusal to even come to the table to negotiate anything like a Cost of Living raise after 45 years of quantified Wage Slave Wage Stag-Nation and Food Stamp Nation. The amount of our victory with Democratic Party backing? A 95 cent per hour raise which still leaves us earning below the state’s minimum wage when you factor in union dues. And our UFCW hierarchy is proud of their victories and the current state of their desperate members’ lives. You won’t find many union hierarchy salaried board members organizing for access to the U.S. broadcast airwaves where every week is THIS WEEK ON WALL STREET or PLANET MONEY or MARKETPLACE of BUSINESS INSIDER or BLOOMBERG BUSINESS NEWS and where there has never been in the history of the U.S. air waves a single program from the perspective of Wage Slaves or named as I’ve proposed to a number of public broadcasters and community broadcasters “WAGE SLAVE WEEK.” What happened to NO TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION? Who represents the working poor whose ranks are growing all around this fast sinking 99% Third World nation?

Along with the working homeless (a throwback to Harry S. Truman, our last President to have experienced being part of our working homeless class when Truman without a college degree got a job clerking for a robber baron’s railroad during The Great Depression while sleeping in the rail yards’ Hobo Homeless Encampment), this is our Neo-Liberal Neo-Con E-CON miracle of such low unemployment (part-time jobs always left out of the broadcast news bulletins) and Uber-ized policy outcomes here in the 21st Century:

Mitch Ritter\Paradise Sifters & Shifters
Lay-Low Studios, Ore-Wa
Media Discussion List


Unfortunately true. Unless I drive a long way, there are things I just can’t find. Or can’t find at an affordable price.

I hear ya. I worked for a year and a half at the orange big box hardware store. I recognize all those things you mentioned. The only “value” that means anything is “shareholder value”. LOL, I was in the ESOP, and waited until hurricane season when the stock peaks and sold it. I hate orange.


behind every great fortune… is a great crime.