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Time to Break the Class Ceiling – Elect Bernie Sanders


Time to Break the Class Ceiling – Elect Bernie Sanders

RoseAnn DeMoro

Let’s make history. The 2016 election offers a rare moment to crack a barrier that can truly transform our nation – the opportunity to shatter the Class Ceiling.

As an organization of nurses, 90 percent of them women, we’d love to break the glass ceiling as well. But with declining social mobility, our children for the first time in history facing less opportunity and a lower standard of living than their parents, and a rapidly shrinking promise of the American dream, smashing the Class Ceiling is our most pressing priority.


In 2009 Obama made it perfectly clear that for change to happen he was going to have to be visibly pushed by the people (in order to maximize political capital necessary to challenge the establishment). The people did virtually nothing but sit on their haunches and expect a magic show. One major difference I see is that Bernie at this early juncture is stressing the need for citizen involvement. I'm no Pollyanna, but this feels different. I also enjoy the chattering of teeth from the Clinton and Biden camps.


As always when you repeat the same comment that ignores all the other good things concerning Bernie...

You leave out how the other candidates that could win are far worse across the board.

Who should we vote for? You always leave that part out.

You may want things to be better but unless you are just venting then tell us who you think is better choice than Bernie?


There are systemic and intellectual hurdles to clear before political change can address life ending stresses on Earth.

Balanced budgets and deficit spending are a top issue to clear up intellectually. Economists and politicians tell us it is okay for governments to borrow money and prime the economic pump to promote growth and green jobs.

Fact 1. The world economy already requires 1.5 earth planets worth of resources and pollution recycling. If everyone lived like the US, the global economy would require four Earths. Earth is dying from pollution and we are urged to borrow money to grow the economy and pollute even more.

Fact 2. Deficit spending destroys democracy by allowing politicians to spend borrowed money doing things people would not do if they paid directly with out of pocket taxes.

Would US citizens have so hideously tortured and murdered 1.2 million Iraqi citizens if they had payed for it with out-of-pocket cash instead of a credit card?

Fact 3. Deficit spending is used for military murder and perverted CIA torture of completely innocent human beings rather than green jobs.


The Green Party appears to have become the Jill Stein Party.


Unfortunately for Ms. Stein, through no fault of her own, by being a perrenial candidate she opens herself to ridicule. I think of not just Jimmy McMillan, but Harold Stassen, Lar "America First" Daly, and Pat Paulsen, as examples.


Fair enough. So you believe either of those candidates can actually win as opposed to which can theoretically win?

But I asked which candidate could win not theoretically win. Theoretically anybody could win but the reality is that only one of the major candidates stands even a remote chance.

Stein received 1/3 of 1% (0.36%) of the vote last time. She stands no realistic chance of winning. I never heard of Ms. Kahn but I'll assume she would garner an even lower percentage of the votes.

To suggest them is not answering the question honestly. You know what I meant and you know that we will end up with one of the majors (the rest of the population also votes and they are not members of the GP for example).

Who among the major candidates should we vote for if not Bernie?

Since as yet, this is a dem nomination race, then your constant criticism of Bernie's foreign policy and not of Hillary's foreign policy (which is far worse) seems to suggest that you want Hillary to win anyway despite her foreign policy positions.

Secondly since this is still only a nomination race for dems... your constantly trying to influence people to not vote for Bernie's nomination... would imply that you are a registered democrat.

Or did you simply forget that this is for the democratic nomination and as yet it is a choice between Hillary and Bernie?


See that is the kid stuff fantasy. A voters revolution? Are you saying that is even remotely possible before the election? Seriously?

There will not be a voters revolution this election so who should we vote for among the major candidates? Your carping on Bernie only helps Hillary win the nomination. It is a nomination race!

You do harm to the one progressive that might win and help elect the former sec of state who created much of the very foreign policy that you supposedly abhor.


"... the opportunity to shatter the Class Ceiling." RoseAnn DeMoro.

That it seems to me is what this election is really about. I for one hope Bernie is not sidetracked by single interest groups and loses sight of this key. Keep pounding the "enough is enough" theme, it resonates, with most. What the African American community is thinking, I don't know, but I hope his message of economic justice some how gets through the "Bill was the first African American president" nonsense.


Lol... nobody gets in unscathed either it seems!


I'm not being sucked into anything. Bernie is miles apart from Obama, who gave himself away with his first nominations, and sent many of us into a tailspin. Bernie has a good record. No, not the best, but one I will eagerly support to become President. If he loses, I will not then vote Democratic.

I don't understand the opposition to Bernie winning the nomination. It just might be the only chance we have to turn things around. If he loses, vote for whomever.


Yeah. Let's make fun of the only actual People's candidate running for the Presidency.

You can enjoy the echo of your laughter as HRC or the Republican pig/nominee further destroys the quality of your life once in the White House.


"My" principles? Nope. I ain't runnin'.

So, pray tell, which of Stein's principles do you reject? The end of Neocon war? The end of offshoring? A living wage? Justice for corporate tax cheats?


You cannot be a socialist and an imperialist. You cannot, as Bernie Sanders has done, support the Obama administration’s wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Pakistan, Somalia and Yemen and be a socialist. You cannot, as Sanders has done, vote for every military appropriations bill, including every bill and resolution that empowers and sanctions Israel to carry out its slow-motion genocide of the Palestinian people, and be a socialist. And you cannot laud, as Sanders has done, military contractors because they bring jobs to your state.

-Chris Hedges


As always, you single out Bernie for particular criticism and give Hillary (who as Sec of State crafted much of this foreign policy not just went along with it) a free ride.

You ignore that it is a nomination race only for dems (are you a dem?) and that by carping solely on Bernie that you are helping Hillary to win the nomination.

You also totally ignore that Bernie refused to accept the oligarchy pac money. He is the only one to do that. Yet you keep lumping him in with the others as if he did take it.

Bernie offers us an anti-oligarchy presidential term but Hillary and the repubs don't and yet you help them. You should stop ranting and venting and get realistic before you end up getting >>> the person you helped to elect.


We can certainly agree with the nurses' organization that 'lifting the class ceiling' and the target actions suggested are important. I would just point out that:

• A 'living wage' for a single parent, anyone who can spend no more than 30% of income for housing, and most people in general is at least $20/hr so the goal of $15 is just not good enough.

• Not including the bloated over-50% of 'our' money that is used for military expenditures as a source of funding for needed projects and programs in the U.S. is a glaring error.


That quote by Hedges just explained why I call Bernie Sanders the fake opposition.


The same individuals post the same negative rant every time regarding Bernie Sanders. They disregard the twenty virtues he exhibits in political life and deride him for his few shortcomings. I am sick of hearing that anyone of progressive leanings MUST vote Green Party. We have endured many decades of corrupt politicians that take their marching orders from the 1%. To finally have someone like Bernie running with a realistic chance of winning is almost too much to hope for. I have to pinch myself to make sure I'm not dreaming.


You bet he is.

What amazes me is that, after Democratic betrayal after betrayal, from Clinton to Obama and back to (another) Clinton again, that the rubes still buy into the theater. Why wouldn't one's first, second, and third reaction to Sanders be properly-earned cynicism? Especially when he calls the Megathatcher "my good friend", and promises, on national television, to support her as soon as she wins the nomination.

Desperation, I suppose...


Thanks for the common sense, woefully lacking on these pages of late.