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"Time to Cut Dirty Energy's Lifeline": Report Details How Fossil Fuel Industry Feasted on Covid-19 Relief Programs

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/23/time-cut-dirty-energys-lifeline-report-details-how-fossil-fuel-industry-feasted

But, DNC went out of their way to blatantly stomp down a Green New Deal. Their complicit media CRUSHED each of Sanders’ policies 24/7 with ubiqutous, obfuscation, lies, cherry-picked and straw-manned tropes in obvious K Street scripted “debates,” only presenting Energy in Depth’s cynical falsehood, simply ignoring sadly comical firestorms in the adjoining Everglades or entire (Black) cities drinking lead and watered down radioactive fracking brine, nearby with poor, minority populations? As DNC party leadership sent millions of lifelong loyal Democrats to stagger for hours in icy rain, trying to vote in single packed polling places, infecting vulnerable, poor, older poll watchers. Only to discover, many votes disappeared and wild disparity with network exit polls? This, while Koch supported DCCC did the same, down-ballot, as Nancy, Chuck and all flew about ensuring neocon, fossil fuel friendly shills beat dedicated Democrat hopefuls in the states, preventing any Blue Wave, “Squad” type candidate wins? To us voters, Joe personifies the party as sneering autocratic gatekeepers of Oligarchs reaction, to empty our pockets to bail-out BLATANT Ponzi Schemes and beat down us victims, if we dare speak out?

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