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Time to End the Korean War: Lessons from the Past


Time to End the Korean War: Lessons from the Past

Dorothy Ogle

During a break at a July Washington forum by the Korean Economic Institute of America, South Korean National Assembly Chairman of the Armed Services Committee told Newsmax reporter John Gizzi that he hoped that the US/Iran nuclear deal could provide “lessons” to North Korea that an agreement to keep from developing a nuclear bomb in return for ending of sanctions can be desirable.


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Forgotten Wars, Forgotten Warriors

Korea, they say, was not a war.
It was a “Police Action.”
Which would you rather die as?
A “policeman,” or a soldier?

Or would you perhaps rather live?

At least Korea had a reason,
Flawed, of course, but a reason.
Most of the world pitched in to fight
On one side or the other.

How many died before it finally burned out?

Vietnam was an accident, turned into a war.
A people who fought for their independence.
A millennium against the Chinese,
A century against the French.

Thousands died, were tortured, jailed.

Overrun by Japan, they fought for freedom.
At war’s end, they were given back to France,
So again they had to fight;
At Dien Bien Phu, they won.

The time of rejoicing was short.

Like Korea, the country was divided up.
The Western Nations made the decision.
South Vietnam to be “ours”
North Vietnam to be “theirs.”

No one asked the People of their desires.

Once more the Vietnamese had to fight
To expel the foreign occupiers,
Remove their puppet governments,
Reaffirm their independence.

Does hubris come with power, or vice versa?

Advisors were sent in
To help build the ARVN army.
Then to fight with the ARVN;
Finally to die with the ARVN.

Would you rather be No. 1, or No. 58,178?

Rulers were changed as the war went on.
The key is, the war went on.
The Phoenix burned on its pyre
Hatching new warriors for the cause.

For every village that dies, avengers arise.

A new Pearl Harbor was needed,
To fully unleash the dogs of war.
Tonkin Gulf was the catalyst,
A Black Op by the USA.

B-52’s can destroy property, but not ideas.

We carpet bombed the north,
Poisoned the land with Orange and Purple.
Our troops were collateral damage,
Not to be recognized for years.

Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

As the years rolled on,
We found it impossible to tell
Friend from foe, in a country that
Simply wanted us out!

Strange that all peoples resist occupation.

Finally, the last helicopters left Embassy Row
Saigon became Ho Chi Minh City
And we had learned a hard lesson,
Now engraved upon a wall.

Only vets learn the real lesson of war.

Thirty years later,
Another “Pearl Harbor,”
Another pair of wars,
The foundation poured for yet another Wall.

They who dodged ‘Nam start a new war.

Read the above poem again
Make the place names Afghan, Iraqi, Libyan, Yemeni, Syrian.
Substitute DU for Agent Orange
Government denial is still there

We don’t count their dead, or show ours.

Now, in the Pentagon, the plans are made
At Bush/Cheney’s desperate urging.
We, or Israel (with our backing)
Are next to nuke Iran!

And thus unleash the final holocaust.

Russia, China, and others, no doubt,
Will retaliate with nukes of their own.
In time, not long, there will be few left
To count our dead, or remember.

The Nuclear Dragon will have eaten us all.

How long will it be before We the People
Break the wheel of death?
How many more thousands, or millions, to die
To be maimed, poisoned?

What happened to our Constitution?

Once upon a time we defended!
We fought for freedom, democracy,
Not oil and Empire…once upon a time.
We don’t need Roman Legions.

Let us remember our dead, not create more.

© Stephen M. Osborn
19 December 2006

As you can see, I wrote the above nine years ago. Since then, the situation has continued to deteriorate, the number of nations attacked by us, or our fascist *"allies"* has increased. The growing death toll is obscene. The new *"weapons"* of the Oilagarchy are the *Troika*, the *IMF, World Bank*, etc., with programs designed to drive the ***P**eople of the **W**orld* deeper into debt, starvation, slavery and hopelessness. The profits of these programs go to fatten the accounts of the Oilagarchy, with no care whatsoever for the people they are destroying.
*  I don't know if it is possible to turn this mess around and start working toward peace, and toward healing our ravaged planet, rather than trying to figure out how to squeeze the last possible nickel out of it, but we sure as hell ought to try!


A very true and well written poem. Thanks for sharing it.


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It’s something worse than Stalinist…call it Kimist.


I believe you’re quite wrong there. A survey taken some years back showed that if the US attacked the North, South Koreans would turn against US troops. It could very well have been the influence of the Kim Dae-jung government, but even the South Korean students in the US - at least those I talked to - shared somewhat the same sentiment.