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Time to End the Refugee Shame


Time to End the Refugee Shame

Gauri van Gulik

A solemn moment of silence. The world over, this is the traditional response when lives are cut short by tragedy.

It has also been a common response to tragedies in Europe and off its shores which have ended the lives of thousands of refugees and migrants. Not killed by bombs in Syria, but killed while making terrifying journeys in search of safety and better lives in Europe.

But the scale and rapid succession of these tragedies calls for breaking the silence.


War on terror colaterail damage.


The social media group SumOfUs has posted listing of the evolving links to organizations responding in North America and elsewhere:

Links to help the refugees


Who would want to go there?


How much suffering could be alleviated with just a fraction of the Pentagon Budget? With a few million from Big Oil subsidies? With some money from our election campaigns? Instead Amerikka uses our money to cause more suffering and death. There is no excuse for it.


Just as example regarding Military spending.

In this Fiscal year alone the Government of Canada indicated that a further 400 million dollars will be used to fight ISIS. This is not the sum total of monies spent prosecuting WAR as other costs are covered under the regular Military budget. This is spending beyond that. (total military spending is over 20 billion)

One reason Canada under Harper claims more refugees from Syria can not be let in is because of costs.

400 million plus can resettle a whole lot of refugees. The sister of the family of the boy who was killed was trying her best to sponsor them into the country using her own resources, She could only afford to sponsor an older borhter on her income and was begging our own Government for help.

The responsie of Herr Haprers Conservatives! More bombs!


"People dying in their dozens – whether crammed into a
truck or a ship, en route to seek safety or better lives – is a tragic
indictment of European leaders’ failures to provide safe ways to reach
Europe. That it is now happening on a daily basis is Europe’s collective shame."

That this is happening AGAIN is the USA's sole shame! This and other humanitarian disasters, such as political murders and massacres and other problems throughout the central and southern Americas and not to mention the millions killed in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia, are due to solely USAian foreign policy which has deliberately engaged in creating quagmires wherein innocent civilians have been bombed, burnt, gassed and generally tormented without any sane reason for the last 70 years.

It is time that the USA, which claims for some odd reason to be the world's policeman, stopped behaving like a badly spoilt teenage brat and grew up to be a responsible world citizen. As a first step, the USA could start ensuring that the refugees it creates can have a decent home, with a future, in the USA. The USA has plenty of open space; Europe no longer has that luxury. The USA also has the cash; half the USA's yearly military budget would happily support everyone in the USA, and the current refugees, in a decent, modest and safe style of life.

Europe is not responsible for the USA's mess.


Kudos to the citizens of Iceland for providing asylum for refugees! The United States has one and only one agenda and that is keep the wheels of war machinery greased to pay tribute to the industrial military complex and keep the share holders well financed. Capitalism is not an incubator for compassion as the US has proven over and over. Not only does the US not have any compassion for any of the collateral damage we create but there is no compassion for our returning troops that have been fighting for this agenda. Without compassion there can be no humanity


The bodies of starved and drowned children and the abuse inflicted on refugees are virtual repeats of WWII newsreels. We are all now under attack by the same Nazi-Republican-Democratic filthy bloodlines, reborn.

How do those who support and even applaud those actions manage to forgive themselves? I wish them Karma, all that they deserve and more.