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'Time to Fight': Emergency Mobilizations at Senate Offices Nationwide on Friday to Stop Kavanaugh


'Time to Fight': Emergency Mobilizations at Senate Offices Nationwide on Friday to Stop Kavanaugh

Jake Johnson, staff writer

As Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee confirmed once more that they are willing to crush widespread calls for an FBI probe into Dr.

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If ever there was a time before now, and surely there has been, for a national strike, now surely is such a time. The nationally televised–and OMG-level pathetic–performances of the ex post facto accomplices of Kavanaugh are all of a piece with the rape and pillage of this nation, among many, in which these men have inserted such ready hands, readily giving and taking so much that doesn´t belong to them, or ought not.
The business of the entire country needs to be brought to an utter and immediate halt until the election of 2016 is annulled, as Robert Reich has suggested elsewhere at this webpage. Too bad it appears so unlikely. It would mean a general strike and probably about 30 million in the streets for the duration. And, to be clear, in no way or sense is this post to be construed as advocating violence: there´s enough of that already, and it´s always self-defeating.
Still, somehow the nation needs to make itself ungovernable. It might indeed bring about a kind of chaos–but chaos, with a too unhealthily large dose of death, is what we already have, thanks to the rule of such a number of manifestly illegitimate officeholders–illegitimate in that have no respect for the Constitution, no understanding of governance, and clearly not the slightest consideration for the meaning of their oaths of office, not to mention that the Trumps, Kavanaughs, Grassleys and Grahams in the government care not a bit for those they are ostensibly supposed to serve, i.e., the citizens and residents of the United States. Add to it that each of them appears as “unhinged” as the other.
Still, what are we to expect from “lawmakers” who readily give their blessing to the mass murders of our military´s overseas adventurism, with the resulting war crimes charges and the deaths of so many, by a voice vote? As if this were not enough, throw in terracide, regular threats of intiating nuclear omnicide, and so forth. A nation that can not or will not resist such evil in sufficient numbers would appear to be morally insane . . . don´t you think?


I’ll take voting over a strike any day.

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Dear KC2669: So would I, if voting made a difference. I think it was Emma Goldman who remarked that if voting changed anything, it would be made illegal. And we see in earlier elections that it has been made illegal for many citizens who should have been able to vote. I recommend reading the work of the investigative journalist Greg Palast, who has been on this issue since at least the year 2000 for futher on this matter. Thanks!


How about both?

Let’s face it, we voted in 1980, yet the fix was in. We voted in 2000, and fix was in. We voted in 2016, and once again, the loser became the winner.
Voting only works in a Democracy. We however are not a Democracy. We are a Republic. We vote our proxy to a small class of candidates that were pre approved by two wealthy private clubs. That’s why, despite the facts that two thirds to three quarters of Americans support single payer healthcare, expanding social security, legal abortion, marijuana decriminalization, and a whole host of other “liberal” policies, our elected representatives views reflect the exact opposite position.
If you’re arguing for direct democracy, then I’m all for voting. But until then, we must March as well, while its still legal I mean.


Yup. Almost a half million people, mostly minorities, were purged from Georgia’s voting rolls last year, by the guy who is running for governor.
Needless to say, their votes won’t count.


Lists of why to let Republicans win are not convincing.

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Who said “don´t vote”? Perhaps I wasn´t clear enough that I meant to address a current problem of interference in voting, and incidentally not by Russians, but by those in power in the U.S.; and the techniques used to ensure that interference is now largely, if not exclusively, in the hands of the right. Under current conditions in which such techniques are in place to disqualify certain select groups of voters, even when Republicans lose, they win.
But to the point of the current article: one reason why the confirmation of Kavanaugh needs to be blocked has to do with voting. Say some Democratic or other Congress passes a law that would correct the voting problem that already exists, along with perhaps other more restrictive measures which are likely to be instituted in the near future by collusion of this Republican Congress and current executive branch. With Kavanaugh´s confirmation making a majority of the right, you would have a situation that invites lawsuits that would invalidate the corrective law that was to have restored and preserved our precious voting rights. With K. as SCOTUS judge, based on what we know of his opinions and attitudes, we could well anticipate his support for striking down such laws. Thus, what becomes of the right to vote, if such a right may be said to exist?


Counting on your Senators to do the right thing is absurd! They are Male Sex Abusers and answer to no one because We allow it. Do you honestly think Sit Ins and Cardboard Sign Rallies are going to stop Kavs’ confirmation? Not with Animals like Trump and McConnell leading their pack of Criminals. No doubt he will Win and Women will lose everything unless something more drastic and Direct is done about it. There is no time to waste. Better do something to stop this NOW! The World is watching as our Freedoms are slipping away!


Addendum to my last:

And, by the way, it´s Republican functionaries at both state and federal level who are coming up with lists of reasons why certain classes of people are either blocked from voting, having their votes disqualified, or having their registration and provisional votes tossed out.

Thanks for your reply. Read Palast.

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Graham is on the tube now, saccharin and subdued from his screeching yesterday, but just as full of bull as yesterday. These guys have given away Democracy in exchange for a questionable ideology that will haunt us for, at least a generation. Kavanaugh IS a pathological liar. He should be in jail for being part of the architects of the scheme of trying to drown people for information. I’m beginning to see the connection between Kennedy and Kavanaugh. Shame on you justice Kennedy. What an ugly legacy to take to your grave. Sue Collins; vote against this pathetic nominee.


I know that, and that’s why I think voting now is so important. Your comment read like a reason to be disengaged—voting doesn’t matter because it’s all rigged—and I’m arguing that we need to be engaged now.

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Very Engaged! Direct Action is needed as Voting, as you said IS RIGGED!


I’ll take a strike over voting any day.


Who is stopping from doing both?

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Yes, I agree!

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A Republic can be a democracy but we are not–we are an oligarchy. After our mass uprising to tear the system down we write a new and improved constitution which will enshrine true equality for all which means adios capitalism!


A few things, Republicans picking a woman to talk to a woman because they know they are insensitive was absolutely hilarious. I don’t think it could have been too much sexist, maybe a little. As for Kavanaugh, he made a great speech. He was fierce and strong. He made the Republicans very happy, and it showed. We will be a proud country to have Kavanaugh as our new Supreme Court Justice. The nomination will be a true reflection on our country and the society that it holds in it. Go 'Merica!


Graham needs to hear from all of us. Keep trying as his phone lines are being swamped:
T(202) 224-5972
F(202) 224-3808


Look up the list of definitions of Boof and Devil’s Triangle in the urban dictionary. He wrot both in references on his calander or in the yearbook. Is he believeable?