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'Time to Fight': Why I'm Co-Sponsoring Bernie's #MedicareforAll Bill


'Time to Fight': Why I'm Co-Sponsoring Bernie's #MedicareforAll Bill

Elizabeth Warren

When the Republicans tried to repeal the Affordable Care Act and gut Medicaid, I heard from parents all across Massachusetts who were terrified about what it would mean for their children.

One message kept hitting home: If the government hadn’t been there to help, these hard-working moms and dads would have been forced to pick between the health of their child and financial ruin. Their families would have been destroyed.


Thank you, Senator Warren. Better late than never.


Plus one. Have had my share of issues with Warren, but when someone steps up to the plate to do the right thing, I’m with them.


Ok. Let’s start advocating for cutting our military empire. It’s gone on long enough and progressives need the courage to oppose it and start advocating for spending more on humane and cost effective things other than universal health care, like environmental protection, job training, higher education, etc.


Has the text of the bill been released yet? Dr. Margaret Flowers wrote (Aug. 31) that indications are the Sanders version falls far short of HR676. Sounds like another Democrat bait and switch to me.



Here’s a link to what Sanders says about his legislation:


I’ll wait until this actually happens to applaud Warren actually acting instead of just talking.

But for the record, if you really want an efficient and lower cost system, nationalize the entire industry. Taxpayers are paying for most of the innovation costs anyway, might as well get something in return for all that money.


No, it will be soon then we’ll know it’s as Dr. M Flowers says. If it isn’t Med-Care for all from birth to death that pays 100% of cost then what good is it? We know from the pass congresscritters do not want plan like the above.

Slashing dod budget by 50% would be more than enough to pay for Med-Care all and rebuilding of Amerika.


It all comes down to whether private, for-profit insurance companies run the show. Of the most successful, affordable health care systems, none allows for-profit companies for basic health care. Germany has private companies provide health care but they are all non-for-profit.

Is it even possible for us to take the power away from the insurance companies here? Unlike most countries, we are exceptional so don’t expect us to rationally investigate possible solutions like Taiwan did. Taiwan sent people to investigate successful health care systems and, after analysis, they implemented single payer. I would say they are the exceptional country compared to the U.S., certainly in terms in health care.

Taking a broader view, if we can’t achieve a decent distribution of income and wealth by taking away the huge advantage wealthy people and institutions have, we can’t solve any of our biggest problems. Bernie is not perfect but he’s is the best I’ve ever seen in my 77 years. Can the Democratic politicians get over their love of campaign money enough to allow progressive values to dominate the party instead of liberal values?


From what little we know of the bill, it appears to be bait and switch. If it were the real deal, they would be referring to it as “Improved Medicare for All a companion bill to HR676”. Sander’s and Warren’s ambiguous reference to the generic Medicare for All is suspect. So, I expect an other swindle that will divide the current solidarity of the movement for a government run single payer system and thus undermine any chance we might have had for attaining such a system. Why have I become so cynical?


Yes, quite. Dr. Flowers, a retired pediatrician (with burnout in less than 20 years, largely from having to deal with the Protection Racket) is a straight shooter and as well informed as just about anyone in the movement. Beware of a “public option” (to “buy into” Medicare), also gradually lowering the age for Medicare. Without a LOT of additional stipulations, including increased taxes (likely in an unwise manner), either could bankrupt Medicare, supporting the utterly bogus claim that single-payer financing of health care, and socialism in general, “don’t work.” It is those particular approaches that don’t work, along with most (not all) hybrid systems that allow some private insurance alongside the public system financed out of taxes paid from the savings from the absence of premiums and the large profits and obscene executive salaries they support.


I just listened to this debate posted today - Russell Mokhiber hosted Dr. Flowers and Jon Walker about the merits of pre-selling out (my words). I still think she’s right.



There are no funds for sensible healthcare reform when trillions are wasted in the unwinnable warmongering blackhole that provides massive kickbacks to the fake supposed peoples representatives. Rotten to the core.


Why can’t we the people own the whole kit and caboodle on health care, pharm., dental, all the bells, and whistles? Why stop short, go all the way?


I hope Carlos Ramirez-Rosa will consider running for congress and speaking out on the issue of Palestine .


I like Sanders,but I do hope Warren will run in 2020----she brings a lot of depth to issues. And again Obama ran against military involvement and won—Trump ran on a military pull back and won. If a candidate makes an issue of guns and butter----I think butter will win with ease. Take money from the military and use it for healthcare centers in communities through out the country-----call it the healthcare defense act-----create thousands of jobs in communities that are hurting----there is a doctor shortage,take money from the bloated military budget and train new doctors and nurses.


In a Medicare for all system the insurance industry should have NO ROLE.


That sounds like the real deal to me.


Tom, thanks for the good read. I agree that AIPAC has way too much power and influence in America.

Still, I wonder why so many people see Elizabeth Warren as the new Great White Hope. Really, what has she ever done or accomplished where she wasn’t just riding on someone else’s coattails? And why, if she’s such a Progressive, did she NOT support Bernie Sanders last year. I think she’s busy feathering her own nest. the rest of us be damned.


OK Elizabeth we know why you support single payer healthcare. You always seem to vote for measures that are favored by the vast majority of citizens. That’s why I want you and Jon Stewart to run on the same ticket for President.