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Time to Get Out of Syria


Time to Get Out of Syria

Eric Margolis

President Trump has done the right thing with regard to America’s troop deployment in Syria. Trump ordered the 2,000 US troops based in Syria to get out and come home.

Neocons and the US war party are having apoplexy even though there are some 50,000 US troops spread across the rest of the Mideast.


Except for boiler plate about evil ‘communists,’ I agree with Margolis.


As an avowed Peacenik for most of my life, I find myself in agreement with Mr. Margolis.

If the MSM, the Republican party politicians, and those who are warmongers in our society wish to continue these senseless wars for profit, I suggest we bring our troops home, and replace them with all those who believe war is necessary.

Let them fight and die for the MIC.


Right on PonyBoy. The headline, that we should not be in Syria, may be the understatement of the year. Although there is a ton of competition for that.


From Matt Taibbi:

"Trump’s decisions on Syria and Afghanistan will lay bare the real distinctions in American politics. Political power in this country is not divided between right and left, and not even between rich and poor.

The real line is between a war party, and everyone else."



Totally agree with Trump on getting out of Syria and Aphganistan. Totally. What have we gained? Opium and death and maimed soldiers.


Always misspell Afghanistan.


Sounds to me like Dore’s feelings have been hurt, and he is venting. In addition he was trying to put a half hours worth of words in her mouth, or complain about what she WASN’T saying. All I heard from her was a couple of sentences that made sense in their context. Dore sounds like fake news here.


Matt T. points out what The Washington Consensus and hubris buys with $ 7-10 Trillion dollars on the books and most likely that much off the books.
The crazy runs deep and Trump is certainly part of that; though his " gut feelings " on Syria and Afghanistan happen to be spot on in this instance, anyway. However, I fear it’s all a pose and he’ll capitulate when the Democrats take over the House. Too, too bad for U.S. taxpayers and all the people who will be killed because he’s a stupid crook/con and the Republican Senate is a coop full of chicken shits and chickenhawks.
The Democratic Senate, on the other hand, are plainly cowards. A Progressive Peace & Prosperity Party has a nice ring to it right now.


We need a half dozen or more strong ones to choose from. Maybe not as confusing though, like Great Britain.


Mr.Hitts must be one proud man.

I’m not being sarcastic one bit.



I’m not very familiar with Dore other than a couple of references at CD. I’m assuming the comments were a rant on CNN as sort of pay back for going negative on him. I would like to listen more of his stuff. Any reference would be appreciated. Peace


This will get you into the middle of this: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3M7l8ved_rYQ45AVzS0RGA

Jimmy Dore is a progressive who does comedy. He currently does a political talk show featuring guests and commentary. Both major parties are criticized, from a progressive point of view from something like a Bernie Sanders part of the political spectrum, though Dore is more persistently anti-war and anti-MIC and does not endorse people who steal nominations.

Another interesting person in a somewhat similar vein is “rogue journalist” Caitlyn Johnstone.


It was “your” country, the United States, who created the Taliban (starting with Carter), its offshoot Al Qaeda, and its final version, ISIS. All three emerged from the American funding of the Islamic insurrection against the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan. By abandoning Syria and Afghanistan now, Americans are skirting the responsibility of having caused the problem to begin with. Putin might protect the Syrians from Islamic abuse, but he will do nothing to protect the Kurds, who risked their lives to solve a problem “fully created” by the United States.


I can see Jimmy Dore Is an equal opportunity critic. I’d rather hear all sides of a story in any event. The video FF offered up was completely one sided and sounded more like CNN bashing than anything. I’ll watch more to get a better feel of Dore. Sorry for any pre judgement.


Jimmy is generally on the side of the people, not any political party. He’s opinionated as most of us are.

This is my buddy Rob Fahey and his experiment with music. The “Ravyns” released this song in 1984. That’s Rob singing. He still plays music all around Maryland and the surrounding states.

You might have heard this song back in the day.


Are you sill in touch? Any other songs he wrote?


I agree, what have we gained, besides Opium, death and maimed soldiers? The war profiteers ( the military,industrial, defense contractors,congressional complex) have gained billions of $$$$$$$$$$ in war profits!


Sounds like Dore isn’t your style. I don’t know how you could be progressive and against his main points - the mainstream media has been mostly war cheerleading since the 90s (basically as long as I can remember). I was a kid during the Vietnam War but supposedly the media was better then. And his other point is Congress is mostly lying down on the job to decide what if any role we should have in participating in or starting wars. In general our foreign policy strategy is so far from optimal (except for people who profit from war) it isn’t really funny but Jimmy tries anyway. He’s one of a few voices I support financially and I mostly agree with his criticisms though I haven’t given up on trying to convert the Democratic party into a progressive party whereas he has.


Agreed. Carter’s biggest moral failing by far. Majority progressive opinion is that there is nothing we can do militaraly about it now though apologies and financial aid are in order.