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Time to Hold Agribusiness Accountable for Its Climate Footprint

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/06/21/time-hold-agribusiness-accountable-its-climate-footprint


Trump’s tariffs have added an additional travesty to agribusiness which is getting corporate welfare payments that exceed their estimated tariff damages by 5 to 30%.

Moscow Mitch and the best Congress money can buy sweetened the pot with added CARES legislation agribusiness corporate welfare.

These corporate welfare travesties assure that agribusiness will donate boatloads of money to the GOP 2020 campaign war chest.


I once thought like this writer; that governments can be organized around people helping heal Earth.

Existing governments are designed to facilitate economic growth, they are all capitalist growth enhancers by design and cannot be reformed.

New governments are necessary.


I did not understand from the story how big ag milk is worse than family farmed milk on a per gallon basis. Is there a claim that there is a significant environmental difference? I get how there can be an animal rights difference.

The best answer is for everyone to get as close to a vegan diet as they can and to cut down on our worldwide fish kill each year. This is true no matter how the eggs dairy or meat are produced.

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It is hard to subsidize an industry and fine it at the same time. Perhaps more sharply, you cannot fine your food source out of existence.

That does not mean that we need the people who are usually referred to by that term “agribusiness,” but we need to understand that other creators of food mostly are agriculture and business.

We need to accelerate the alternatives. That includes home and neighborhood gardeners along with producers who use regenerative methods.

That should involve changing the legal landscape so that extractive and damaging producers cannot function as easily as less environmentally costly producers. Holding agribusiness accountable is fine, but to do it seriously, we have to grow some food.