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Time to Invest in Affordable Housing and Education, Not Tear Gas, Batons, and State-Sanctioned Murder

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/07/22/time-invest-affordable-housing-and-education-not-tear-gas-batons-and-state

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Great work as usual Bob. Many will watch the videos from Portland and extrapolate the goings on to the entire city, which is a false narrative. However, amygdala-based fear-mongering is exploitative of such tendencies and this is surely part of Team Trump’s scheme. Not only does the message need to get out that Trump is inciting the violence, but it should be shown that his narrative that “Portland is a disaster” is also false, largely because they do tend to value social spending.

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Money used to help Back and Brown people’s lives is seen by the GOP as much more expensive than the Hate they have an abundance of.

"Why did America swing back to social control?

Part of the answer has to do with widening inequality. As the middle class collapsed and the ranks of the poor grew, those in power viewed social controls as cheaper than social investment, which would require additional taxes and a massive redistribution of both wealth and power."

  • Robert Reich


I think a very poor summary. What was the reason for the “widening inequality”, and - what is the other “part” of the reason for now ?

The primary business of any empire is to maintain advantage, i.e., increase military spending - hone the troops.

This Eisenhower knew, which is why he famously warned of the MIC. He must have had a conscience, and an appreciation for the unsustainability of empire, as Caesar Augustus did when he tried to at least limit the further expansion of Pax Romana.

Augustus failed, as history shows, and Rome collapsed.

Will we too follow suit ?


Joseph Stiglitz has an article in the new August Scientific American, which I haven’t read yet, but which addresses the above issues I think:


I imagine you are referring to this quote by JFK in his inaugural address ?

John F. Kennedy’s inaugural address inspired children and adults to see the importance of civic action and public service. His historic words,

“Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country,”

challenged every American to contribute in some way to the public good. In this lesson, students learn about a theme in President Kennedy’s inaugural address, civic action, and consider how it applies to their own lives.


An adult grows, and increasingly finds that giving back, lending one’s strength to something bigger than the self, is a way of living fully. In that same Scientific American from which the Joseph Stiglitz article is drawn, there is another on this theme:

Humans Evolved to Be Friendly

Cooperation made Homo sapiens the last human species standing

  • By Brian Hare, Vanessa Woods

Trump is not an adult, not in my definition. Nor are his cronies - nor are the thousands of politicos who filled the gap vacated once the last real President of the United States was summarily taken out, and the perpetrators protected by the MIC and thier bought politicians.

That leaves you Kaylie, with some thinking to do.

Hmmm… all those words and not one mention of Joe “lock the SOBs up” Biden.

This is his wheel-house…