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'Time to Play Hardball': Progressives Pressure Senate Democrats to Stonewall All Bills That Don't End Trump Shutdown


'Time to Play Hardball': Progressives Pressure Senate Democrats to Stonewall All Bills That Don't End Trump Shutdown

Jake Johnson, staff writer

With Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) refusing to allow a floor vote on government funding bills that passed the Democratic House last week, progressive organizations are attempting to force the GOP leader's hand by pressuring Democrats to stonewall all Senate business and legislation that is unrelated to reopening the federal government.


Mitch McConnell has a massive financial conflict of interest in supporting Trump – his wife’s salary as a member of Trump’s cabinet. His interest lies not in doing what’s right for the American people, but what keeps his wife’s income flowing, through his blind support of Trump.

Why is this legal? Why does the American media not cover this?


That damn subhuman turtle head McConnell is such a despicable creature I have no idea who in the right mind would get him elected.


Not unbelievable to me, exactly what I would expect from one of the worst S. O. B.S in Congress.!


Mitch is the consummate, corrupt, politician and A TYRANT; so are most of his Republican colleagues in congress. He and his cabal of tyrants and crooks are what Jefferson was talking about when he said: " THE TREE OF LIBERTY MUST BE REFRESHED FROM TIME TO TIME, FROM TYRANTS… BY THE BLOOD OF PATRIOTS".


That’s one way to stop the Save Israel From Americans Act that our Democrats in the Senate made happen.


Didn’t know that his wife was part of the cabinet. What is her position?



This is old news.


In this article it tells you she is the Secretary of transportation.


Hi mealouts… you asked "What is her position?’ I’m sure it matches her husband Mitch in the crawling on the floor and groveling to the money gods of power. : )


Call your senators. I tried calling McSally’s office, the republican who took McCain’s seat by appointment from our Koch brother loving governor. She doesn’t even bother to answer her phone. Oh, I forgot. She doesn’t represent the working people.


I meant what is her cabinet title?


Then write her and demand a response within two weeks.


Yeh, but here you have Rich Trumka et. al. calling on Congress to do even less creating an even larger government shutdown - and hurting poor people and government workers even more. Possibly this will take the light off of him and other union “leaders” who have failed to organize any strategy or campaign at all against the Fascist Idiot of Orange’s shutdown.

Logically, a union campaign would begin with supporting government workers on informational picket lines (which don’t even exist), getting government workers to strike, then urging other unions to support them with rolling strikes, possibly leading to a general strike and calls for IMPEACHMENT NOW!!!

But that would take a hellofalot of work and a little bit of courage – both rare in the U.S. (non)labor movement dominated by business unionism and bureaucracy.


My advice: Do not watch the Clown Show on Tuesday night.

Do Not Give the Clown in the White House your time. Unless you like clowns.


Yes, stonewall any of the repub legislation in the senate, starting with the no-brainer decision to oppose the anti-First Amendment senate bill 1.

I know Chuck kowtows to Israel, but even considering support for this obviously unconstitutional legislation is completely irresponsible.


Kentucky’s senator McConnell has been the Republican leader under three presidents. His fundraising is legendary despite being one of the most unpopular - if not the most unpopular - senator in the Senate chamber. For me as a liberal conservative, he’s the persistent symbol of all that’s corrupt, insidious, cynical, devious, ruthlessly hyperpartisan about the Republican party in particular.


In Kentucky, his only worry at election time is getting primaried from his right.


Unfortunately, that is true. He is my senator, to my disgust. The educated folk in the two blue counties in the state are sorely outnumbered by all the rest.