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'Time to Put People Above Profits': 65+ Advocacy Groups Call on Home Depot and Lowe's to Take Cancer-Causing Roundup Off Shelves

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/26/time-put-people-above-profits-65-advocacy-groups-call-home-depot-and-lowes-take


I don’t know why people are still so woefully ignorant about the damage to human health, the bee colony collapses, the disappearance of song birds, fish and other wildlife as well as plant life. We should always be on guard about pest control chemicals and roundup, especially after all those lawsuit. Home Depot and Lowe’s ought to be ashamed of themselves but then again the rich have no sense of doing good only doing what brings bigger profits. I hope lawsuits pile up on both of those stores.


Do any of these businesses care about the health and welfare of their customers? While not like the dangers of roundup, last night I went to Boston Market and they offered a drink with one of the meals I bought. Of course, instead of getting a normal size cup they give you some Mega 30 oz drinks. I asked them - do you have anything smaller and they said no. So we are supposed to accept a corn syrup saturated mega drink that is unhealthy. They don’t offer a normal size drink so they want us consuming 2 or more times what we need. Theatres do the same thing. used to be you could get a normal cup but not now. My pet peeve.

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As far as Lowes and Home Depot, it’s not just Roundup. 20 years ago both used to sell a wider selection of organic gardening products, then they do now, not very wide, but still more than now. I wonder if that’s because of pressure from these chemical companies, as more people become educated about the hazards of these products, and want an organic alternative.


Hearing the Home Depot founder serially bragging about how much money he contributes to Trump’s and other GOP politicians’ campaigns, you will find a five pound gold nugget in the creek nearest your home before HD stops selling poison.


There are stores that are “committed to” (we have a plan to eventually start) “phasing out” (you’ll still be able to buy as much of it as you want but we made room next to it on the shelf for other poisons/carcinogens) Roundup.

How f***ing hard is it to just take them off the shelves and never order any more?

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Typical American: “If Roundup was bad for you, they wouldn’t stock it in all the stores–duh!”

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At the very least, we can spread the word regarding the danger of products such as this one and purchase organic products instead of poisonous ones. No sales = put them out of business.

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Maybe if the lefty domestic terrorists in the only jobs they could get hadn’t trashed the education system more folks would read and follow the instructions and understand the warnings. Maybe we would have less folks with the burning need to rule others. I use the more organic products but will nuke an invasive non domestic weed when all else fails. Why it isn’t encouraged to not let buckthorn grow in north america but be taxed so to spend millions trying to control it in forests escapes me. DDT saved millions of lives and now not using it kills millions. It wasn’t the chemical it was everyone used it all at once and if a little is good more must be better. If we could just inspire folks to think past the instant gratification and ask what’s next. The third grade story problems everyone hated but rule your life.

You are not accurate in your claims and comparisons - read ignorant trump maga, or poison conglomerate, propagandist that doesn’t know shite from Shinola to write such false crap!

The comment " third grade story problems everyone hated but rule your life.’ is exactly the lies coming from the RNC daily - begone!

" It wasn’t the chemical" (DDT) “it was using it wrong” is industry lies! Defending the Monsatan Bayer poison industry and sellers, instead blaming the public for their ignorance not using the chemical poison correctly is right out of the trump/monsatan playbook spread by their trolls and liars!




How about we devalue the need for perfect little lawns or at least nitwits could voluntarily stop using it?

Ha! Good luck! Home depot won’t even stop using rain forest timber.

They can’t even get food producers to label if gmo/glyphosate is in their products. Of which, what, ~ 80% of food on the shelves contain. Instead we have to rely on independent consumer researchers like EWG (~https://www.ewg.org/?gclid=Cj0KCQjws536BRDTARIsANeUZ58x4Le8t_9Qbit25hzF33TqUC0rKlvM6HTRg8Cjo__X9fZk_7DRqnoaArGNEALw_wcB) to tell us what the USDA/EPA/FDA should be telling us.

I’ve written multiple times to my State repugnant senator about this topic, and each time he writes back that the local farmers who use gmo/glyphosate are his experts and he’s going to listen to them about its safety. In the meantime we see cancer rates in children rising, hmm, yah, read about these pesticide/herbicides in school lunches, read about glyphosate in mother’s milk, and then watch the children’s hospital commercials. Talk about a brain washed public, ooo, weeds bad, round up good, yeah, show me how many people have been hurt by daisies growing in their lawn!

And why in the hell were Obama and Hillary and Bill Gates promoting and selling this shit to other countries!

And, oh, psst, glyphosate is coming down in rainwater. Think about that.

Thursday afternoon rant, please forgive.

Why do leftists get such pleasure in dictating to others how to live?

You would think they would learn from how banning DDT killed hundreds of thousands in the Third World.

Let adults make up their own minds. Don’t like Round-Up then don’t buy it and leave the rest of us alone.


Oh, gee, hmm, well, what do you say now that it’s coming down in our rain water. Should we all do a stop the rain dance!!! ~https://www.google.com/search?q=glyphosate+found+in+rain+water&oq=glyphosate+found+in+rain+water&aqs=chrome…69i57&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8 … and what do you say to the once abundant Monarchs now that it’s pushed Monarchs to the edge of endangered? Wake up!

Dictating to others, ehh! Ha! Didn’t your mommy ever teach you not to touch a hot stove or drink clorox when you caught a virus or did you learn the hard way?

Citation required.

If Lowe’s and Home Depot won’t take glyphosate off their shelves, can states, counties, and cities put a special sales tax on such products? Perhaps 100% each?

I guess it is because Round Up doesn’t stay where you apply it. The impact involves every living thing that comes into to contact with it. If they actually advised people on the label and required them to read it before purchase, the grievous side effects of using this product. It might be a different story.

Here’s where this is a slippery slope. HD Lowe’s carries thousands of products that can cause cancer. Where do you draw the line? Nearly every grocery store has food grown with glyphosate. Ban all those? Why? Because people don’t read the label and wear proper ppe? The groundskeeper whose lawsuit went into the national spotlight admitted not wearing ppe and leaving it on his skin. Would you do this with lye? Ethylene? How about we focus our energy on proper ppe following the instructions and not rely on big government to ban it from us. All I’m asking here is a little common sense.

Should we tax fast food, junk food, dessert?

Or better yet, a spoon? “Yes the spoon made me fat.”