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'Time to Raise Hell': Internet Defenders Mobilize as FCC Aims to Kill Net Neutrality Within Month


'Time to Raise Hell': Internet Defenders Mobilize as FCC Aims to Kill Net Neutrality Within Month

Jake Johnson, staff writer

FCC chair Ajit Pai, warn critics, is aiming to "destroy the internet as we know it and give even more gatekeeper power to a few huge companies like AT&T, Comcast, and Verizon"


From the article:

“…57 percent of Americans ‘support the current net neutrality regulations that ban ISPs from blocking or discriminating against lawful content on the internet.’ Only 16 percent, by contrast, expressed support for Pai’s push to destroy net neutrality.”

Who are these 16%, and what the hell are they thinking? I can understand why the telco giants, and fascists in general, would want more control; but what kind of pretzel-logic propaganda has convinced the 16% that less free speech and higher fees are good things?


Lets face it folks, if you were an oligarch or a fascist, gatekeeper that controls the corporate media ( which is losing its influence ) you would hate the thought of a free and open internet that you cannot control.

Yes, time to raise hell!


Profits, Profits, Profits…this is what is important, not you citizen…the biggest resource of a free and open society is a free and open internet…to control a giant like the internet turns it into a giant propaganda machine…if we loose out I will more than likely unplug, if enough citizen’s do this it might hit those profits…


There are a lot of corporatists and authoritarians out there that support the idea that the internet should be used solely for commercial activity, not for individual acts of speech.

I’m honestly surprised it’s only 16%, given how many resources have been devoted to arguing the telecom position in public.


It would be so easy to do if it wasn’t for the fact that the internet is so vital to the daily lives of most Americans now. But again that is what capitalism likes to do, take things that people have become so dependent on and accustomed to and exploit those people for all they are worth and then some.


That is a little heartening. Fittingly enough it likely is because of the freeflow of information of the web that keeps that number from being any higher. This is another reason Shit Pai and his capitalistic cronies want to kill the free and open internet.


I live in rural AZ with the crickets and little else, without access to the web I have very little in the way of resources, I’d be shooting myself in the foot but one does have to draw the line somewhere. I’ve done it before, unplugged, and it was very uncomfortable but doable.


Some is going to have to take out these people voting to take away our right to free and open internet. I don’t advocate violence and generally a pacifist under normal circumstances, but these are not normal circumstances. They are not going to care how loud we kick our feet screaming and are going to kill our internet rights regardless. We cannot give up our rights without a fight whether it be legal or violent…


Burn it down should become our mantra. It’s our FCC on our tax dollars. It no longer works for us.


If you go back to the US Constitution, Article I, Section 8, Clause 7, you will see that the Founding Fathers saw free and open communication within this country to be so greatly valued that they called for not only a Post Office, but also Post Roads for the delivering of communications. The Post Roads eventually became our US Highways, INCLUDING, I am convinced, The “Information Superhighway”, as we called the Internet in its early days. We would go to the library and travel down the Information Superhighway which was, back then, completely free of any sort of advertising.

When the framers of our Constitution called for a Post Office, they had no idea that those packets of information being sent back and forth on horseback in their time would someday be sent via railroad, because railroads had not yet been invented in their time. Technology did not nullify the Constitutional Responsibility of the Government to deliver our mail. In fact, the technology known as “railroad” further ENABLED the Government to do one of its assigned tasks. Later on, technology delivered us the airplane, to help deliver our messages even more quickly. The Government’s duty to deliver the mail did not change, just because the mail carrier’s bag had become an airplane, nor because the Post Road had become a US Highway, then Interstate 17. “A carpenter remains a carpenter even if he replaces his hand saw with a power saw.”

Technology’s latest tool for sending our Information Packets back and forth is a device we call “The INTERNET”. Although it may look a little different than the mailbag that Ben Franklin was familiar with, he would quickly understand that the function is exactly the function that he and his cohorts called for in Article One, Section 8.

How is it that this simple matter of the PEOPLES’ Government delivering the PEOPLES’ communications has been so bastardized and complificated to fatten a whole slew of private interests?
Who is this Verizon charging me so much to send and receive communications that, Constitutionally, should handled by the Post Office? Who is this imposter called the FCC that claims it has the power to violate OUR Constitution by messing with the distribution of OUR Information Packets? Let the head of the so-called FCC, ponder instead how best to remove the tar and feathers that true patriots would be applying to his body.

Fighting off a rapist is no crime.


The Constitution is indeed just a god damned piece of paper that is only used to defend corporations or give military grade guns to mentally unstable people.


Or, you could vote out Republicans in 2018 if one is representing your Congressional district.


Just imagine how high support for net neutrality would be had the topic been fairly addressed in the TV media.


Brilliant post! Thank you very much, DreamBigger!

We need more voices speaking on our behalf.


Does this mean you are not willing to defend our Constitution? And, if not, doesn’t that make you an accessory to all of the unConstitutional crimes being committed against your friends, family, and countrymen?


I am perfectly willing to defend the constitution. Especially from those in the government that are blatantly ignoring it.


Yes, Pai was appointed in order to help do what FCC wasn’t previously able to do…kill 'net neutrality and increase the profits of the huge corp’s. This is also of course an attack on democracy as at present the few sources of information outside the mainstream propaganda mills are heavily dependent on the internet.

We should make no mistake that whether constraining independent news and insight is a primary motivation or not, it will definitely be a likely outcome.

What to do? I think this calls for far more than flooding FCC with petitions.
In particular, it suggests the need for one of the few powers we have left - that of organized economic sanctions.

Of note, AT&T is awaiting Justice Dep’t approval of its merger with Time Warner. This might be an opportunity to pressure AT&T to come out more strongly in favor of keeping net neturality (IN) and banning 'net “Fast Lanes”. I also wonder why there aren’t strategic boycotts of them and other entitities that presumably are the intended beneficiaries of Pai’s intentions.

If they manage to kill IN protections, I predict that over time this will represent a great barrier to progressives. Coupled with the ongoing attempts to directly silence or at least blacklist progressive info sites and news programs like RT, this is a serious attack on 1st Amendment rights. And we know how the SCOTUS regards that topic: it only really applies to corporations.


KC2669. You haven’t figured out yet that the democrats and republicans are on the same team? How old are you? It’s one monster with two heads. Nobody should still be acting like one is better than the other and picking a side on that train.


It is unfortunate that all too many of us are arguing which side of the train we are on when we are blind to the fact that we are tied to the tracks.