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Time to Rebel

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/10/07/time-rebel

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I call it an Evolution Revolution.

You can check it out here at ;
The video explains what it is about .

Its the most peaceful of all revolutions as it has to do with the human mind and thoughts.
Beliefs create Behaviours.

All For One And One For All.


Excellent. This takes the predatory mandate of capitalism for the magical thinking delusion of being able to “externalize costs”(another term for institutionalization of pathologies of as many differing sorts as types of said externalization).
Clear articulation of the premises by Extinction Rebellion builds on the very nearly full heritage of functional western thought. These social and economic premises are espoused but rarely implemented by modern politicians. The methods for marginalization of such a broad swath of reality by the current economic system has, like the temperature sensative weather phenomenon of the “inversion layer”, has burst through social norms and inverted most of the sustainable premises required by human coherence in terrestrial life.

Maybe thats why people in the trump “administration” ( at this point I consider it a falsehood to NOT to utilize quotation marks ) are so blatantly shifty-eyed, evasive, vacuously aggressive, etc… Unfortunately, it stretches the envelope for all who engage the system with intents of usury.

Thank you Extinction Rebellion - and Chris Hedges for continuing to do heavy lifting.


Hedges is right, as usual. I am very grateful to him and others that are doing the hard work of organizing and protesting in metropolitan areas. If the DNC manages to swing the nomination to Biden, I do believe the upheaval will be massive. Warren, however, is likely to diminish those efforts as she hedges her bets sucking up to the corporate hierarchy and their dollars. She may bed better than most other candidates, but she will protect her backside by refusing to lead where the country wants to go. Bernie or Bust!


We need to start planning now for a massive upheaval because, in my opinion, Bernie has absolutely no chance in 2020 with the corrupt DNC!


As usual the 1% will be relying on some of the 99% to do their bidding. The elites have patience. They figure if they just ignore the protests for long enough, the protests will peter out. To sustain this extinction rebellion will be the key to its success.
In the U.K. the police understand that the protesters represent them. In the U.S. though, police forces have been carefully selected to represent the 1%. Buying into mainstream rhetoric is a prerequisite to being in the army or the police in the U.S. That’s why racism, violence and alcoholism are tolerated within the American law enforcement agencies. Therefore change will have to come at the peripheries of the Empire first in their allied countries like Britain, Canada, France, Germany and Japan first. Once the U.S. realizes that they’re the only ones who are going against the grain, the instruments of violence that the 1% depends on (military and law enforcement) may wake up to the fact that they’re pawns of the rich.
This is a rebellion to save the planet and therefore we’re all involved. It will take vigilance, sustained pressure and a lot of sacrifice if it is to be successful. The sheer control that corporate America has over our politics and our media guarantee that this will be the biggest fight in human history. Only time will tell if we’re successful.


" Violence destroys movements". Mr.Hedges.

Gandhi put it this way: “Let me repeat for the thousand time that non-violence is of the strongest, not of the weak”.


It reminds me of this silly article that was written in the CBC the other day that says Trump considers his biggest threat to be Biden. Well of course he does! He knows better than most people that the DNC will not choose Warren or Sanders. He also knows that the rest fo the delegates are corporate shills.
As long as Trump runs against another corporate sycophant like Biden or HRC, he has the next election in the bag.


Looks that way to me too!


Are you saying that the revolution will not be televised? Who knew!?! :slight_smile:


“All we have left is nonviolent, disruptive civil disobedience.”

No, we can organize for concrete change the political situation, not just wallow in infantile anomie.

Do what you can but do something!





Extinction Rebellion - Facebook

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Everybody get ready to stop the machine! This is presented NOT for nostalgic reasons but to inspire. We take Savio’s spirit and give it new form, new life as we face the existential threats of ecological collapse and nuclear war.

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Yes–one’s motives must always be crystal clear. Too many cowards hide behind non violence.

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Let’s start with corporate forces that aren’t even productive, like Facebook.

With all due respect to the Mahatma, his “peaceful” revolution in India took over forty years, and two world wars that practically bankrupted the British. And even then, it led them to civil war and ultimately a split from Pakistan.

Americans have no such patience or attention span to play the long game. And unlike the Indians, we are armed to the teeth. The coming upheaval will be anything but peaceful. I of course hope I’m wrong. But boy oh boy. This sure seems headed towards a shooting war.

This should be the anthem of the our revolution; to create a world that is habitable for future generations of all living/surviving creatures of the Earth.

“There is a time when the operation of the machine becomes so odious,
makes you so sick at heart, that you can’t take part;
you can’t even passively take part,
and you’ve got to put your bodies upon the gears and upon the wheels,
upon the levers, upon all the apparatus,
and you’ve got to make it stop.”
~ Mario Savio, Sproul Hall 12/2/64

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So do I because like Gandhi said" an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind".


This is definitely my concern too. Just for starters if you look into the recent history of how Tom Perez got elected to head the DNC you will realized that progressives are screwed already. Of course the real problem with the Dems going with Bernie is that he is clearly and has consistently been a socialist. I hate to use that word with all of the conditioning of the American mind that goes along with it. Most Americans don’t know what socialism actually is but they are against it anyway.

The DNC is clearly a capitalist party as well as the GOP. Their corporate masters will not let them nominate a socialist without a terrific fight.

Chris has it almost right. But actually, nonviolent disobedience is not “all we have left.” By engaging in nonviolent disobedience, we’re offering a courtesy to the immoral elites of the world as we demand that they start backtracking and dismantling the current system. “Or Else” has to be kept in mind here. If nonviolence fails, the next step is clear.