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'Time to Rebuild and Repair' From Trump To 'Rebuild and Repair' After Trump Cruelty, Rights Group Gives Biden Blueprint for Racial Justice and Immigration Reform: Lawyers Group Gives Biden Path for Racial, Immigration Reform

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/11/time-rebuild-and-repair-trump-rebuild-and-repair-after-trump-cruelty-rights-group


ICE needs to be scattered to the four winds. It’s not just a few bad apples, it’s a culture ripe with racism, and open cruelty.

It’s not going to be repaired. If allowed to continue, they’ll only figure out how better to cover their crimes and their asses.


Just like every paramilitary group in this nation. To those who say we need an immigration police force I say they, like our other police forces, need better training , hiring practices and supervision.


Throw in ATF and DEA, and I’ll drink to that.


Those of us fortunate to be able to shop at well stocked stores should remember that is largely immigrants, many of whom are not documented, that pick the lovely fruits we put in our baskets. As a native Texan I drove from Austin through the valley where agriculture reigned supreme and did my humble best to help communities south of the Rio Grande. Trump, Inc. has broken my heart. I know these people and love them. I have worked in various Central and South American countries on down to Bolivia. I Love the People and detest the Orange Pustule.


Kamala is a cop, and she won’t be putting anything out there that might be a hostage to fortune in the 2024 elections. Biden was the Vice Deporter In Chief


Thanks for the reminder. Got a lot of fully rotten barrels of organizations, don’t we?


Yep, thanks for pointing that out


Biden should be spending this time securing the Presidency first.

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Let’s all pay very close attention to how the Democrats lead on every important issue to voters who consider themselves progressive or liberal.

Next time, we must be prepared with a clear and informed head.

In the meantime the Movement for a People’s Party is literally working toward getting the policies WE want and the corporate parties don’t, onto the ballot.

Biden has been too busy putting the ‘old band’ back together to notice
things have changed. Biden’s idea of ‘reform’ is to take the US back to
the Obama admin. The Trump admin was the Obama admin without the
finesse and lipstick.

Other words, don’t expect much.


As many of us suspected it is not to the left that Biden will orientate towards but to the Republicans


The media reports are that Sander as well as Warren are to be cold-shouldered from any positions of real influence. Instead it is to be bipartisan politicians to take office. Senator Coons is viewed by Biden as someone who can reach across the floor.

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The wolves are preparing for their kill… Could be swift… The poor lamb never knew what struck him as he was preparing for his next…
Gotta feeling these wolves are dead serious… and the lambs, well… could be a new day…

These recommendations all make sense. Thanks to the Lawyers for Civil Rights for setting this out so clearly.

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Could represent a split ticket in 2024. Do we get trump for four more years in that case?

It depends on how many people remain fooled after they see what Biden is about to do. If they still think Democrats are progressive, then it will be good for the corporatist side again and continue to be bad for the People’s interests like the last 40 years.


The DEA needs to go, it’s been a gang of corrupt international thugs since it’s inception.

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“Better training” is just code for rewarding them with more taxpayer money.
The simple truth is that the American deathsquads masquerading as police are carefully chosen for their sociopathic tendencies and low intelligence. No amount of training will ever turn them human.

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Biden has the blessing of the oligarchy, while Trump does not.
There is no chance of Trump actually pulling off a coup without their support, or the backing of the army. Neither of which he appears to have.
It is all theatre designed to give a thorough spit shine of Biden, one of the worst warmongering corporatists to ever govern America, and a dementia afflicted one at that.
Does Trump want to declare himself dictator for life? Of course. However, as Murdoc’s new annointed one Biden has nothing to worry about.

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Agree, and I can tell you first hand, ATF is not far behind. Years ago at a fire investigative seminar, I caught one of their agents in a lie about their role in the OK. City bombing. They had prior warning, got their agents out of the building, and left kids in the daycare center, as well as others in the building, to die. Cowards, one and all.