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Time to Recall a Progressive ‘Truly Great’ First 100 Days


Time to Recall a Progressive ‘Truly Great’ First 100 Days

Harvey Kaye

Franklin Roosevelt’s first “Hundred Days” of 1933, in which the newly-elected president and a Democratic-controlled Congress confronted the ravages of the Great Depression by enacting an unprecedented roster of 15 major new laws, have haunted the egomaniacal Donald Trump – and his own first 100 days as president have fascinated the media. While Trump in his own inimical way has been both dismissing the significance of the first 100 days and hyping the greatness of his own presidential performance in the course of those days, journalists and pundits have been keeping scorecards on him.


For a while, during the Primary Season, I thought we were actually going to catch a break like this.


The 1%'s non-stop efforts to undo FDR's first hundred day accomplishments during the past 84 years is mute testimony to how great those accomplishments were (and would be if they were restored).


The author asks at the end of this piece that given the right's control of the three branches of government, what will we soon be facing?

I think comparisons to the past (particularly the thirties) need to take into account the astounding manipulative skill of a corporate media. Our understanding of our day to day world is controlled by a corporate/consolidated press which uses flashy entertainment rather than the heavy handed and dull propaganda of the past. Our media will make us feel that we want less freedoms and less rights because that shows that we are a free country! Our media is a fourth branch of government and it is there that great efforts have been made to wrest control of it into corporate hands. You know how it goes!

Even the radical underground press of the Sixties is gone. We do have online progressive sites like CD and others but will they be able to withstand the overt pressure of an online jackboot that controls the net remains to be seen. Moreover will progressive outlets be willing to take on the organizing role of a radical press when threatened by those online jackboots that will try to shut them down?

We yet have the net and if we would preserve our democracy then we should make greater efforts to keep the net open to that radical sensibility and freedom!


Sounds like a Berner to me. :O) Thanks for this informative article.


i also enjoy theprogressivewing.com--a small but pretty radical group--not purists, tho. Berners, to the end.


How did you even find that site? Lol