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Time to Take Nuclear Winter Seriously


Time to Take Nuclear Winter Seriously

Jerry Delaney

In a March 23 news story in The New York Times, the general in charge of our nuclear arms arsenal, Jack Weinstein, called for “…a strengthened and modernized nuclear deterrence force in this country.” Why? Because nuclear deterrence has worked in the past and it will work in the future. On that premise, General Weinstein said, “I sleep very well at night.”


This seems to be a threat that we just have to live with. Abolishing nuclear weapons would take a degree of trust that doesn’t exist. And now that it is well known how to produce nuclear weapons the potential for producing them cannot be eliminated. We are left with the strategy of assured mutual destruction which is not foolproof. So far since 1945 no country has used a nuclear weapon. We have to hope our luck holds out. One new danger is technological advances that can be used to create realistic looking speeches of leaders. This advanced form of fake news which is on the horizon could make it harder for people to distinguish what is hard and what is fake, perhaps even experts could be fooled. The combination of advances in digital technology and presence of nuclear weapons in making the situation more dangerous. A nuclear war might even be started by hacking. The new technology is out of control. It is a potential threat to democracy as millions of people are receiving fake news on news feeds. This seems to have played an important role in the US electing a completely unqualified president who rejects the most fundamental values of his own country.


Republicans most likely cure for Global warming. I wouldn’t talk about it too loudly


Donald Trump is both stupid and insane enough to start a nuclear war simply to maintain his presidency.


Yes, please don’t encourage them.  OTOH, does it really matter whether the worldwide famine and sixth major extinction are caused by drought or by frost?

Or maybe just to get even with us for our failure to worship him sufficiently.  IMHO, he is a VERY sick puppy.


Thank you Jerry Delaney! Thank you Common Dreams! This nuclear nightmare must never be allowed to happen! This is more important than anything else. It is also ignored, under-reported,
and not taken seriously enough by our so-called “leadership”.


Any U.S. politician that doesn’t call for an immediate dismantling of the entire nuclear arsenal is a traitor and should be removed from office immediately. Forget being a traitor to the United States, someone who supports nuclear weapon proliferation is a traitor to the human species and planet. Citizens everywhere must implement a zero tolerance policy for politicians who can’t pledge an allegiance to rid the world of all nuclear weapons ASAP. Isn’t it time that we had rational adults in positions of power?


If you find the information in this article troubling, read this:

“The U.S. Pacific Fleet commander said Thursday he would launch a nuclear strike against China next week if President Donald Trump ordered it, and warned against the military ever shifting its allegiance from its commander in chief.” copy pasted from philly.com