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'Time to Turn Up the Heat': Sunrise Movement Unveils 7-Week Organizing Plan to Force DNC Approval of 2020 Climate Debate

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/03/time-turn-heat-sunrise-movement-unveils-7-week-organizing-plan-force-dnc-approval

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I support the Sunrise Movement.

That said, they might want to add this tactic to their pressure campaign on the DNC: Ask point blank at every opportunity – which is more important, big donor priorities or grassroots activist priorities?

So far, we know the answer. And it ain’t grassroots activists.

And here’s my question to the Sunrise Movement: If the d-party clings to the minimalist status quo on addressing climate change and won’t even have a debate on the topic, are you willing to abandon that party and work toward a real alternative?

I fear the answer is, “but we have nowhere else to turn.” Which would really suck.


Thete’s been a lot of freaky weather, but 4 feet of ice in Guadalajara takes the cake. I have read a report that one reason refugees are up on the southern border is agriculture is failing in Central America.
It is long past time to take this seriously.


Just to stretch the envelope and expand on one underlying component in the Sunrise movement is the situation of most of us struggling with the top-down matrix and the depression and anxiety generated by our work lives representing an “externality” rather than a fully recognized/cognized LIFE.

Johan Hari in conversation with Joe Rogan looks at research that shreds the ‘youŕe broken, get medicated’ BS so prevalent today, and the elegant coherence of the employee owned cooperatives growing like gang busters. Kick back for ten minutes with some actionable ideas of substance to raise your serotonin levels


some visuals to support your point


Build from the ground up:
public banking
public schools

We need to send a message to the DNC. The DNC to win in 2020 needs the votes from young progressives, African Black Americans, White folks that voted for Obama then voted for Trump. If the DNC wants to deny climate change, maybe four more years of Trump will wake shake up the DNC. Let the DNC know we’ll stay home November 2020. Time for the Dems to be the peoples party not the pimp party.


Seriously???.. …We need a debate on Climate Change? This is total bull crap! The Debate should be: “What Action should we take first right Now!” Stop kicking the can about what will begin in 2030… We might not be here by then.


A better idea would be to force the Republicans to debate climate change and let the Democrats work together to beat Trump. Everyone always wants the easy way out.

a better idea
but it is but a dream at this point

The Dems have ignored progressive voices at least since Vietnam, as they thought we have had nowhere else to go. The press has ignored us as well. Attacks on the status quo are inconvenient. They didn’t learn from the 2016 election that it doesn’t work to ignore us any more. And climate disruption is more inconvenient than the status quo. If they don’t get the message it will be 4 more years of Trump and forget a habitable planet.

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If we need to protest to get them to discuss climate change in a presidential debate, isn’t that a clear indication it’s time to dump this dumb party?

We’re already leaving if Bernie isn’t the nominee because he’s the only front runner who’s not for sale and wants to effect real change. We are otherwise not getting sufficient representation.

For people who say we only have 12 years and must seize the time, and who aren’t getting behind this chance of a lifetime candidate, I’d say your authenticity is wearing thin. That goes too for supposed climate change leaders like AOC and Naomi Klein who play this Democratic Party game as if Bernie and Elizabeth are such a hard choice, and as if we actually have free and fair elections. It’s political cowardice. They should be loudly endorsing on this issue. Warren WILL be taking money from fossil fuels during the general, plus from the MIC, and as she has before.

Bernie won’t.

Has the writing ever been clearer on the wall? This is a no brainer, people.

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Left unchecked, a virus will consume it’s victim until it is dead.

Left unchecked, humanity will consume the earth until it hits back.

It’s begun and it won’t stop - even if we ask nice.

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The press is OWNED by the wealthy. It is of, by and for the wealthy to manipulate of, by and for THEIR benefit.

When climate change destroys ecosystems, the wealthy can afford to move. The poor will migrate into cages owned by the wealthy - paying exorbitant rent.

Should the DNC develop insight and support holding a debate on the topic of the climate crisis/climate justice, they’ll need to get moderators who know what they are talking about and can ask effective questions. They cannot be any of the usual MSM/cable network suspects/ Better they be experts on this set of topics that intersects with so many other issues.

Good catch there!

If THIS MSM asked questions, you and I both know the framing. Expect: “Good paying jobs will be lost and we will have to pay… for something that may or may not be real. Some say it’s all a hoax. If the public doesn’t want to hear the nonsense - why subject them to your unproven far-left theories?”

NPR will then transition to their story of Chicken Little underwritten by Exxon.