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'Time to Walk the Walk': Ocasio-Cortez Announces 'At Least' $15 Wage for Interns


'Time to Walk the Walk': Ocasio-Cortez Announces 'At Least' $15 Wage for Interns

Common Dreams staff

While the office of Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said its recent posting for unpaid internships was "made in error" and announced paid positions will be announced in January, fellow New York lawmaker in the House, Rep.-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, declared Tuesday night that it's time for Democrats to "walk the walk" on paying Capitol Hill interns a living wage and said that her office will pay $15 per hour "at least" for those who come to work for her.

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From the article:

“It’s a very nasty system that keeps rich people in control,” said Carlos Vera; “…the system of unpaid jobs in the Capitol has everything to do with keeping working-class students and people from low-income families out of the halls of power.”

Yes, just like “legacy” admissions to Ivy League schools. How do they keep a straight face whenever they mouth the word “meritocracy???”


Only 4% of Ds pay interns. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez has exposed injustice among Ds greater than injustice perpetrated by Rs.

Wow! This inside job stuff just might pay off. Now we need a list of the Ds and Rs that paid a living wage before AOC came to town.


I love this woman. Why has it taken so long to elect Representatives who actually represent the People and not the corporations that try to legally bribe the lawmakers into voting the way their corporate donors tell them to?

Legal Bribery is very difficult to resist and this temptation should never been legalized.

Thank You Ms Cortez for showing your colleagues how a true representative is supposed to conduct themselves.


And if the House wants to begin those “Pay-go” bills they should rescind the insane tax cut for the rich.


Yes, talk is cheap with the Democrats. The people like Pelosi and Schumer among others that control the bogus opposition party, never " WALK THE WALK"!


I’m 100% with you SequoiaBison. AOC hasn’t even officially taken office yet but she keeps on kicking ass and taking names even before she has officially taken office. Now if we could just eliminate the Shumers and Pelosis and all of the other worthless deadwood from the ranks we might actually have a government of, by and for the people! AOC is most definately a much needed breath of fresh air for sure!


Thanks for the meme.


To avoid placing too much weight on Alexandria’s shoulders, we could concentrate on the issue that encompasses all others, Liquid Democracy:


This not paying interns looks to be a Democrat problem. Now I dislike Republicans but about 50% of them have already been paying interns as opposed to 4% of Democrats.

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We all must cling to the premise that the 1% deserve no more than 1% of everything.

This must be put in legislation and titled, “The Doctrine of Equality.”

Watching the entitled speak against this, would be Priceless.


Pelosi and Schumer are Wall Street shills who do not care. Time to go for the new breed.


True, but that also goes for the entire democratic,elite and the most corrupt DNC, who only pretend to care!

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