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Time to Work Out a Plan C for Greece


Time to Work Out a Plan C for Greece

Pavlos Georgiadis

ATHENS, Greece - Just over a month ago, Greek citizens were asked to go to the polls for a referendum that posed the country with an unprecedented existential dilemma and challenged the EU with the possibility of its collapse.

The question that shook the world was a choice between a Plan A – more of the same, evidently failed austerity policies that made the country lose 25 percent of its GDP in five years – and a Plan B – a poorly designed Grexit, with unpredictable consequences that could mean the country’s sudden death.


It's fitting that Greece, credited with giving Democracy to the world would be the place where things come apart in order to inspire what's next. And that will involve decentralization of government. Inasmuch as necessity acts as the mother of invention, in Greece and beyond, what will come into practice (for areas that survive) will be far more community cohesion, collaboration, and coalescence. Out of this new synergy, other systems and collective life models will take shape and form.


"Such reforms are of systemic nature, something that no politician in Greece seems able to grasp or advocate. The old guard that still rules the country’s affairs, despite being fully aware of its own failure, is still opting for quick and flaky solutions that hardly address the causes of this crisis."

That is very true...But no one inside Greece knows except a few friends, what those systemic issues are. We are trying to fix it but with heavy difficulty because of the issues above....as they can not grasp it let alone advocate it...thank you.


If Greeks start with food, maybe they can at least feed themselves.


I think that Greece, along with Puerto Rico, is in the process of being privatized by those who rule the World. The want to privatize and put an end to Governments around the World, and this is the start. If they are not stopped now, they will proceed with their agenda.