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Timeless Truths for Trying Times

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/12/16/timeless-truths-trying-times

Bravo! Well said Jim!


If the world survives the near future, after the US is gone, there will be many history books written about the last 50 years of US existence, much like the many written about Nazi Germany. Many of those books will take a deep dive into the social order of things as Jim brings up, to try to explain/understand how so many in a society can become brainwashed into voting and believing in ideas that are counter to their own existence and survival for such a long time period.


Hi ReconFire:
During he French Revolution, the people were so angry that they resorted to going to the graves of past kings and queens, and ripping them from their graves. I wonder if Americans will get to that level—or will they just sit back and watch the Proud Boys attack anything or everything?

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Hey stardustIBID,
It would be nice if Americans rose to some level of anger for sure. I was hoping the anger from the BLM protests were going to spill over into a general protest of some sort, but it seemed to fade away. The public in general needs a “de-programing” of sorts to counter the lies from the MSM, government leaders, and the oligarchs about how capitalism is the only way. The Proud Boys are mostly cowards, and would scurry home if a equal resistance group were to stand up to them, they need the greatest amount of “de-programing” of all the brainwashed groups IMHO.


So people believe that these governors and such really had their best interests? Or the goal was to get us all vaccinated. If only Jim Hightower was in charge. If only everyone could think like so.

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Too many Americans are color blind and haven’t noticed that all that trickle down that Saint Ron turned on forty years ago has been yellow.


Well, some people have gotten mad enough that they are toppling statues of past presidents and glory boys…that’s a start…When the revolution comes to the USA again, maybe the people will be so pissed off that graveyards will again see excavations…that will include the .01 percent too…

Hi Rebel_Farmer:

it’s amazing how anger can be so motivating. It’s kind of like fire in a way—a cleasing and a new beginning. : )

No. 1 Truth: Most people are fundamentally fair-minded, kind and generous.

Yes Jim I agree, but the problem is it seems to me, is that bad things make good news ( I am talking about advertising $$ ) good things make bad news.

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This remains one of my favorite vocal performances of all time.


Elvis was upset at the assassination of Martin Luther King and released this shortly after. It was claimed that the backing vocalists were so struck by his performance that they were crying.

“humankind, which has seemingly gone mad”

There’s nothing wrong with humankind. Civilization is pretty damned screwed up, however, and the right wing has gone mad in too many countries: especially English and German-speaking ones, plus Brazil, Turkey, France and the countries that have always been oppressive—oil-producing countries, especially in the Middle East, and the countries and people most horribly damaged—physically, culturally, and psychologically—by colonialism and neo-colonialism. (Nigeria, the Congo, South Africa…) The Resource Curse. We’ll be soooooo much better off when we ditch fossil fuels.

Faced with the loss of power, wealth and privilege in the US because of 1) changing demographics and 2) decreasing EROEI of fossil fuels and now the complete collapse of the industry, the right wing, feeling itself tied inexplicably to these fuels [1] is over-reacting and getting desperate, vicious, and violent.

[1] The right wing is tied to fossil fuels not just by money and addiction to domination (somewhat satisfied by the bigmanlymachine bias) but by the neurological and psychological effects of the infrastructure structure as well as just the effects of the burning of the fuels themselves. They include neurological deficits and disorders, lower IQ, aggression, depression, in addition to the extreme loss of life aimed mostly at poor people of color (more than 5 million a year globally)
2008 ~https://www.who.int/mediacentre/news/releases/2014/air-pollution/en/v

That’s not counting the millions who die in wars for fuels, or in wars that are made more deadly by fossil fuels.


I really do not think that people understand the role that cheap energy in the way of hydrocarbons had in supporting Capitalism and its rise. As predicted long ago the cheap stuff is gone and what remains is much harder to use and access (EROEI as you alluded to). Added to this there the issue with how ecosystems have been destroyed trying to access this resource.

The investor class recognizes this and this one of the reasons they are pushing all of those free trade deals. They can no longer rely on cheap energy to fuel growth and profits so need to replace that by returning to forms of serfdom and slavery.

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Absolutely, I agree it’s among the many things people don’t get.

Capitalism, which is essentially identical to the MO of Euro-US-centrism and exceptionalism, patriarchy, and white supremacy, first arose as Europeans used their technology and immunity, Guns, Germs and Steel style, to conquer much of the world, emptying much of it as they went, in several waves of mass death that preceded them, came with them, and followed their occupancy. Once that land started to fill up they needed new horizons to destroy; went in for exploiting ever more of the biosphere. In the past the pace was slow and even when “resources” were exterminated it was one at a time. Now all the bills are coming due at the same time, and the oligarchy is refusing to pay. Instead, they’re foisting the debt onto the 99%, at the same time they’re trying to mine the 99 for even more–data, genes, programmed behavior, and unethically cleansing the surface of the Earth with climate catastrophe, COVID (and soon, new bugs-that-are-features).

Patriarchal religions have always been good at manipulating people through partial relief of shame created by the religion, so we’re headed toward theocratic neo-feudal f@scism as the ecological collapse accelerates and becomes self-driving.

Or we could stop it.

Unfortunate title but captures the personality of the oligarchy: ~https://vimeo.com/56093731https://vimeo.com/56093731

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