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#TimesUp For John Kelly, And For Toxic Masculinity In Trump's White House


#TimesUp For John Kelly, And For Toxic Masculinity In Trump's White House

Will Bunch

Just 14 months ago, both of the women who’d once been married to Rob Porter got horrifying Facebook messages and texts from a third woman who said she was now dating Porter — a top GOP Capitol Hill aide on a path toward the Trump White House — and wanted to talk to them about “repeated abuse” in their relationship.


Two questions: If roughly half of American voters are women, how can Trump get re-elected? How can the Republicans maintain majorities in the Senate and in The House of Representatives?


If only we could neuter them all in their sleep.



Hope you mean the White House and not the rest of us.




White women voted 53% for Trump, that’s how. It’s called the patriarchal norm theory, whereby women are rewarded in their personal life for upholding patriarchal norms even as those patriarchal norms damage the political system for women as a whole. Another study showed the white liberal women married to a conservative husbands tend to vote conservative like their husbands. (Not this girl, though.) Interestingly, women of color are much less prone to voting this way. Based on this, Democrats will need a very strong turnout of minority woman voters to beat Trump in 2020.