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Timing of Kennedy's Retirement Only Cements His Right-Wing Legacy


Timing of Kennedy's Retirement Only Cements His Right-Wing Legacy

Larry Beinhart

If democracy ends in America in the near future and gives way to an oligarchy - as seemed likely up until last year - or a kleptocracy - the current portent of things to come - and historians attempt to look backward to discover how it happened, one of the characters who will appear in their pantheon of anti-heroes should be Supreme Court Associate Justice Anthony Kennedy.


Would we have expected anything different from a Ronald Reagan appointee ?


I believe a serious investigation of follow the money needs to be undertaken to see if the trail leads to the un-supreme court. I think we would be surprised at what we would find.


Progressives should never allow themselves to forget what a corporate, big-money pig Kennedy has been. He’s been with the majority on the worst of the democracy-destroying decisions. The timing of his retirement is all too true to form. Labeling him as a moderate is giving him way too much credit.


Of course, what else is old news? The common people are completely powerless and regarded as less than human. Money IS God, the more you have the more Godly you are.


I am puzzled but not surprised that no one in and MSM or alternate press has asked why Kennedy has chosen this month to retire. This is a pure giveaway to the Right and even more egregious in light of Trump’s mindlessly cruel and distructive agenda and the disgrace of the Garland/Gorsuch appointment. The fair thing, of course, is to wait until maybe February when the new senators will have taken their seats after the midterm. But he didn’t do that, and no one, NO ONE, has seen fit to ask why now and not after the midterms. It’s fairly obvious why he doesn’t want to wait–almost certainly the Senate will turn a deep shade of blue in November. There is only a 2 seat majority anyway and the disgusting behavior of the Republican leadership–and I use the L-word mockingly–is so egregious that even some republicans have noticed. I suspect that Trump and his thieving sycophantic enablers have offered Kennedy some sweet incentive. Kennedy needs to be put on the spot, but the republicans are more interested in Hillary’s emails and the dems lack the nads to ask.


In my opinion, the timing of Kennedy’s sudden retirement (despite just recently selecting his clerks in preparation for the coming cycle) has little or nothing to do with a supposed Trump long view for the nation and everything to do with his short term view of his own interest. At the end of the day, I think he’s trying to ensure he has enough SCOTUS justices who could be counted on to vote his way on executive privilege. And he’s probably going to need it pretty soon which is why he’s moving so fast

For some time there has been debate over whether Trump should talk to Mueller. Most of his legal team, despite the ever changing makeup of said team, all seem to agree he should not. Since Emmett Flood has been added as WH counsel to address the Mueller probe, there’s been talk of Trump being subpoenaed and whether he would refuse citing executive privilege despite his numerous utterances of welcoming such a conversation. Should that happen, SCOTUS would ultimately have to make the decision of whether he can be compelled to talk to Mueller. Flood worked for two years in George W. Bush’s White House Counsel’s office, where, according to his current bio, he “had lead responsibility” in “executive-privilege-related disputes.”


Enjoyed your comment. You might find this interesting.


There are just far too many “coincidental links” between Trump and the Kennedy’s to allow Kennedy to objectively rule on any executive privilege issues that will probably be brought before SCOTUS as Trump continues to avoid being made to answer his many transgressions against the country:
–Justin Kennedy left Deutsche Bank while his father was deciding Citizen’s United
–After leaving Deutsche Bank, he and another former Deutsche Bank employee went to New York to head LNR. LNR then bailed out Kushner’s white elephant at 666 Fifth Avenue (said white elephant a major source of financial problems and security clearance conflicts of interest)
–The two now head companies in development and financing in Southern Florida
–Kennedy’s other son Greg Kennedy, for 56 days was senior financial advisor to NASA’s “beach head” team following Trump’s inauguration, brought in by Peter Thiel (PayPal, Facebook, etc). For venture capitalists, space brings a whole new area to exploit and it appears the goal is to make the U.S. the number one “space faring” country. Check out NASA’s new chief.