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Tinderbox Nation


Tinderbox Nation

Judith Schwartz

San Diego, with condos sprawled along the canyons and cars that have never seen a muddy road, is about as far from New England in spirit and geography as you can get. But I have family there, and the names of the places where people are either fleeing the wildfires or seeking refuge are places I know: Qualcomm Stadium; Encinitas; Fallbrook; Cardiff-by-the-Sea. It is hard for me to picture the Del Mar Fairgrounds, home to high-stakes horseracing and festively lit up for the holidays, as a "Superdome"-like shelter for those evacuating their homes.


From 2007?


What about creating a Civilian Conservation Corps like during the depression where people could get jobs that clear brush, dig fire breaks, create ponds and store rain runoff water? How about we end subsidies for oil, gas and coal and use that money like sane people would who need to put out a fire?