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Tiny Concentrations of Teflon Chemical Harmful to Public Health


Tiny Concentrations of Teflon Chemical Harmful to Public Health

Environmental Working Group (EWG)

WASHINGTON - Newly published research shows that even very small doses of the Teflon chemical PFOA in drinking water pose a more serious threat to public health than previously thought. EWG’s report on the research, released today, shows that federal guidance on safe levels for PFOA is hundreds, even thousands of times too weak.



If we want our waters restored without delay, make these murderers drink from their own poisoned chalice.

“Lickety split” wouldn’t begin to describe the alacrity.


Congress will probably pass a law making it illegal to discuss the harmful effects of Teflon!


DuPont, forever not to be trusted, exposed by decorated Marine Corps General turned pacifist, Smedley Butler, way back in the 1930s for their coup d’état attempt to take over the government (really happened, but nothing happened to them for it). DuPont, responsible for destroying the environment and poisoning people and yet is one of the 400+ corporations allowed to help draft, and see in its entirety, the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) of which we, the People, are not allowed to see one stinking word of (unless leaked- thanks to you, Hero Whistleblowers).
People, it is time to quit buying anything made by these crooks. They are not on this planet to do good. They deserve zero rewards from your purchases. They make TOXIC JUNK and want to rule the world with their 400+ sinister, corporate cronies. Loathing, contempt and complete shunning of their shoddy goods is all you should send their way- period.
The TPP is yet another corporate coup- and if you think that sucks, then get on the horn to your representatives in Congress right now and freak out about it!


I sent CommonDreams an essay about the 30s coup attempt, and how DuPont, part of it then, is part of the TPP coup going on now. Hope they publish it.