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Tiny Desk, Tinier Man

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/further/2020/11/27/tiny-desk-tinier-man


haaaaaaaaa…ROTFL…lolololol…my god, he couldn’t see how small the desk was when he walked out to it? No self awareness AT ALL.


This is perfect. In case you didn’t know where the #DiperDon came from, check out the vid below. Insiders called “The Apprentice”, the shit show.

“#DaperDon: Former Apprentice Staffer Noel Casler Reveals All”
Meidas Touch Platform


Media person: OK, who swapped the desks?? hehehe. Well, kids that’s real mature…teehehehehe Let’s just leave it and he may not even notice.

Kinda like the emperor’s invisible clothes prank?


Tinier Man …

… in all the ways that count.


My mom has a table just like that. When you open the lid her sewing machine pulls out. Maybe he has been making himself a new suit.


An orange one, perhaps…

More impressively and eloquently than even the amazing shrinking president send-ups here, the tyrant’s rants on gettin’ no respect – Oh how it does my heart good to hear him say “I’m the President of the United States. You should never speak to the President of the United States that way!” So the moment got extended more than usual: All the kings horses and all the kings men, all the way up to the Supreme Court, where Kavanaugh yearns for an opportunity to disgrace himself once more.


Hi Knickers:
LOL! He probably has been making himself a new suit—and like the children’s tale from long ago,THE EMPERORS NEW CLOTHES… won’t it be fun to see him model it!

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I bet the Thief-in-Chief stole all the Whitehouse furniture, art, lamps, doorknobs, silverware, and whatever else he could and replaced it with junk like that little Ikea desk. Biden will arrive to plastic sporks and posters on the walls.


Trump could have been leader of the “free” world but being an isolationist he chose to just be President------and now a shrinking President the corporate media ignore him----a President who screams the election was stolen???

And to the 70 million who voted for this clown ----look at him----has Trump done anything to help the millions of people unsure about their future??? NOPE! It’s all about Trump???

Posters of himself and Playboy models.

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My first reaction when I saw that clip and the mouse that roared was hoping the reporter who asked the question would respond: “Whatever you say, Donnie.”

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If all people globally got together a life-time supply of Depends (add superscript TM) and sent it to him, does anyone think that #DiaperDon would go away.

How much smudging will it take to clear out the evil in the WH?

That Depends thing has extraordinary merit
Can you imagine

As for smudging
Might work for the walls
Pretty sure we’ll have to burn the furniture

And send in the gardeners for that cesspool she called a rose garden

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