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'Tip of the Iceberg': Prosecutors Allege Vast Criminal Conspiracy by Giuliani Associates to Funnel Foreign Cash to Trump and GOP

The fast ones go right over them!

Pence is probably even more evil than Trump, but unlike Trump hes also smart, and that makes him very very dangerous.

YES there is a difference—I support the people of Palestine and I agree that this lobby holds way too much power and it should be checked—and it could even be that they funnel foreign money thru this organization-------But it is ILLEAGAL to have foreign money in the election process----------But the sadder thing is that people seem to of lost all understanding of protecting US sovereignty----this is the number one job of the President----It is an ABUSE OF POWER for the President to stand on the White House lawn and ask foreign powers to involve themselves in our elections.

The state dept has been hollowed out --------the Republican party is funneling Russian money too their candidates-----AND THE PRESIDENT STANDS ON THE WHITE HOUSE LAWN AND CALLS ON FOREIGN POWERS TO KEEP HIM IN OFFICE------THIS COUNTRY IS UNDER ATTACK!

Well if you think you’ve entered a forum where scores of them thar “leftists”, “intifa”, “liberals”, “commies”, “socialists” and the like are going to rush and defend Bill and/or Hillary Clinton, or any other swamp creature corporate or super wealthy servicing Democrat then you might want to look elsewhere.

As for the fucking fascist in the White House. By far the most dangerous fucking jerk ever to soil the White House.

Trump is all about unity don’t you know.


Oh, almost forgot…welcome!

And, if you want to meet or exceed par for leveling valid criticisms of Clinton during her term as Senator, Secretary of State, Presidential Candidate, etc, compared with the average illuminated poster on this forum, you might want to up the gravity of the offense that you want to criticize Clinton for. The well goes a lot deeper than her email shenanigans. Just sayin’

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Yes, it was very funny your satire. Ha, Ha.
By the way that is what the Magas say all the time as well. It was a joke-satire. Even if they are talking about shooting all liberals. Yes, just satire-joke. Ha, Ha.
You might want to stop channeling trump loving Magas so perfectly. Smile.