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'Tip of the Iceberg': Record 3.28 Million Jobless Claims Could Signal Coming Depression

Similar to lyme disease but a lot deadlier and contagious.

Yep the tip of the iceberg. I will be filing next week.

Effective April 1, 2020, OMSI is implementing a temporary layoff of some positions. Your
position is included in this layoff. We expect the layoff to last until at least the end of June;
however, we will reassess the circumstances regularly and may lessen or extend this
timeframe. We will recall laid-off employees, to the extent possible based on the
organization’s needs, when the local health and government authorities relax restrictions
on business activity and group sizes and we are able to resume normal operations.

The Depression is already here.

Standard disaster preparedness advice is to stash a wad of cash around the house somewhere. I stashed a quite modest wad, but now it’s useless at the stores, where plastic has got to be more hygenic these days. So I’ve got myself a tiny wad of comfort-cash for fondling, or something. There’s always Origami!

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Truth be known.
Great depression #2 began in 2009
and the average family has not recovered yet.

I am concerned about the four million grandparent homes where they are raising their grandchildren, per AARP. Usually without additional outside assistance.

Particularly if inflation takes off now with 6 trillion dollars being dumped into banks and wall street by gov’t and fed.

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Given that as of 3/26/2020, the NY Federal Reserve branch will let the major banks have 0.0% in reserves (vs previous 4%), your deposits are only good up to the limits of $250,000. Move your funds to credit unions instead!!
Any appointee in this regime thinks & works only for the 1%!!


Wow, that article headline makes perfect sense" Tip of the Iceberg," and yes the ice is melting around the world------as are jobs and futures. However, as the U.S. seems to just base its money on stealing oil from the nations with oil-----I suppose that cars will just become immovable yet—temporary housing -----and as the air becomes worse, the future looks gloomy------but never fear, America will be bombing whoever to keep the dream of world power going-------until the melted ice becomes ocean— but that is where all life began. Maybe ocean is our reprieve. Or maybe not. : (

Not really… in “War of the Worlds” a virus saved us.

I think we were inevitably going to hit this point eventually. The nature of capitalism itself made this inevitable. I just never expected a virus to come and quicken the time table so much. Whatever comes next will be interesting and will reveal humanity’s worth as a species.


“While there’s life, there’s hope.” - Marcus Tullius Cicero

That is a quote that has kept me going recently. As bad as things are I do believe as long as we keep living there is a possibility the future can get better, no matter how bleak things seem. Maybe this is a naive viewpoint but I feel it is a viewpoint one must have to continue going on. To continue fighting.

Thank you for the Cicero quote. But—as I look at what Trump-Merica has become, I worry that America’s republic will end up on Trump’s desk----like Cicero’s hand and head. : (
I am horrified at what looks like America turning on its own citizens and it’s own Constitution : (