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Tipis on National Mall Signal Days of Native Defiance and Action


Tipis on National Mall Signal Days of Native Defiance and Action

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Tipis began sprouting up on the National Mall on Tuesday as native communities and their allies descended on the nation's capital for a week of workshops and lobbying for Indigenous rights in anticipation of Friday's massive Native Nations Rising march.


What gives me hope is this, that when the tea party was doing their thing, you would hear of protests and gatherings with crowds maybe in the hundreds (and sporadic at best), but they never managed the massive, ongoing, flood of people out in the streets, on a weekly (almost daily) basis, that we are seeing now since the rump regime began. This movement is by, of and for the people. The tea party was, and is, a joke.


The fossil fuel empire promises to bring a wave of annihilation to the planet. What better representatives are there to stand against this empire than those who survived and remain after other waves of annihilation? Now, not far from where George Washington's grandfather ordered the assassination of a group of chiefs that came to parley. Prayers and mni waconi!


The DAPL fight has been a game changer. For the first time the Native Nations are united and demanding their rights. This is a new struggle comparable to the civil rights struggle that began in the middle of the 20th century. The DAPL confrontation is sort of the equivalent of Rosa Parks refusing to go to the back of the bus. This is historic.


What a pleasure to see the tipis on the National Mall. They are a beautiful and symbolic sight, and probably against the law of the "white men". Let's see how long they stand before the government policing goons come in and rip them apart. It is as proud a statement as Zuccotti Park. The indigenous populations around North America are standing up and coming together.


Sorry I haven't posted on this sooner... I am all for this and have also stood in our town square... for Standing Rock... all by myself... about ...7-8 times.. since election day... Love to do it more.. but.. have to balance work etc... will continue to do so... when ever I can... people make fun of me... but my signs say it all.... 8,000 oil pipelines spills since 2009 .... and more info... to educate.