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Tipped Workers Win with Spending Bill

Tipped Workers Win with Spending Bill

Negin Owliaei

President Trump signed a massive omnibus spending bill on Friday, ensuring that the lights will stay on in the federal government for another six months. But the bill does more than just allocate funds. Tucked 2,000 pages into the text is a provision that will protect tipped workers from getting their gratuities skimmed by their employers.


Good-but look at the fight that had to ensue about this thievery.


I don’t know what’s worse, the fight to return to normal, or the fact that every server I asked about this (10-12), had no clue what I was talking about.

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So, this is one of the reasons Trump was fuming about the Spending Bill he signed that he realized later, screwed some of his rich friends out of a few bucks.

So sad.

I never knew that tips for restaurant waiters were such an important issue. How did this become so urgent…? Was it a national emergency?..N0pe…It was typical bull shit from the Trump and Co. Another non-problem the GOP had a solution for that needed a problem for it to be applied…Trump plus his restaurant buddies cooked this one up and tried to sell it a being good for the workers…But once you looked into it you see who is the main benefactor…The restaurant corporations…including Trump himself…Nothing the Republicans or Trump, ever do in Washington helps anyone but corporate(big money interests)…Trump and the republican regime are nothing but shills for big money…They will never implement anything that benefits working people. The base voters have been played and I hate to say it but ignorance runs deep in the USA…And Republicans are on board with it by defunding schools and replacing them with religious Taliban schools that turn out good republicans…Albeit…Ignorant ones…Republicans need ignorant voters for them to stay in power because they(base voters) believe everything they are fed by the GOP without question. Those stupids never question dear leader when he says line up and jump over this cliff…They obediently line up and jump.