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Tips Are for Servers, Not CEOs


Tips Are for Servers, Not CEOs

Irene Tung

When we give someone a tip, we expect the money will go to the workers who provided us with service.

We might leave a little extra because someone went above and beyond for us. Or because we want that person to have a slightly easier time getting by.

Whatever the circumstance, we trust that the money will help the workers who served us.


Until we can change the system by raising the minimum wage to a liveable wage, making tips unnecessary, always tip in cash. When my wife and I visited Ireland in 2004, we were pleasantly surprised to find that tipping was looked down on as something uniquely American—as an attempt by the tipper to get undeserved advantage from the server.

This proposal is more of the same class warfare that has controlled Washington DC for decades, regardless of the party in nominal power.


First, readers need to understand that in most states, people who receive tips do not receive min. wage. It’s way less than that, (don’t remember #, hope another reader can enlighten us on the exact amount).
Second, If they get away with this theft, the law should require employers to pay EVERYONE min. wage.
Third, Employers need to know, if I find out they are doing this, (I will ask the sever), there will be NO tip.


Amen! If at all possible, tip your servers directly, and in cash. Remember, you are the customer! The CEO’s need you a lot more than you need them.

They are already getting huge tax breaks from the abomination that is the Republican “Tax Reform”, but it seems that “enough” is never enough for them


I thought the tip was added to the bill to get rid of those who don’t tip. I don’t know because eating out is an extremely rare event for me. If I don’t prepare what I eat then I don’t eat it.


This is an idiotic proposal by the Department of Labor.


From what I understand about this new ruling, even cash tips must be handed over to the owner/manager (I am sure they will pry any cash given them from their cold dead hands). One possible way to get around it is to tip with a check paid directly to the server’s name (though I don’t know how many people use checks nowadays)


I have heard/read $2-$3 as the wage paid before tips.

I would expect local businesses to not do this (it is voluntary, no?) If a corporate restaurant does this we don’t give them our business. Let’s put their beloved ‘free market’ into practice.


I thought republicans hated the thought of redistribution of money legislation…Seems it is ok for the corporations to cabbage the money and redistribute said money to whomever they want. But using tax dollars to help those in need is redistributing money out of their greedy pockets…and wrong wrong wrong…These embeciles are so stupid that they have to have help crossing the street. Hypocrites and sockpuppets, strawmen, grifters, cons, crooks, wife beaters, child molesters, sexual deviants, tyrants, self-proclaimed reborn Christian zealots and Jesus peddlers who swear the invisible man talks to them …It is easy to say what they are…It is harder to say what they are not…I guess just saying they are republicans covers all this without the extra meat and gravy.


As someone who worked many years in the service industry I have come to hate the tipping system we have here. Why are customers directly paying wages for restaurant staff? If your business model does not include wages for staff it is not a viable model. Many restaurateurs are fabulously wealthy, in part because they do not have to pay front of the house staff.


This article would have been a good place to mention the One Fair Wage campaign, especially considering that one of the co-authors works for ROC United, the group organizing the campaign.


In New York State, and possibly elsewhere, there is a real chance of winning elimination of the tipped minimum, as well as other restaurant-worker friendly legislation, like fair scheduling rules, thanks to OFW and other organizing.

I agree entirely with the sentiment of the article, but there is a fight here, and ways to support and build that fight. So why not mention that?


Because in the EU servers are paid a living wage!


So will a waitress be fired if I hand her a $5 bill as I walk out of the restaurant and she puts it in her pocket?

Or maybe I’ll get arrested, like some states arrest you for giving food to a homeless person.


Maybe this is the Republican plan to improve economic conditions for poor people. By allowing bosses to take their money, you give them that gentle encouragement to work to become an investment banker instead. Kind of like cutting SNAP benefits so people don’t say, “Why should I bother getting a job if the government’s going to give me $100 a month for food?”


Yes, I understand.


If the owners/managers stoop so low as to go through employee’s pockets and/or purses, that would be grounds for a massive national walkout on the part of workers, and/or a massive national boycott of the businesses in question. We’ve got to support one another in Solidarity,
and refuse to take this crap any more!


A perfectly worded post! Thank you!


Good points. It seems we are not as “free” as advertised!


$2.13 / hour. Varies by state, map of states at link, but that’s the federal minimum for tipped workers. Has not been raised in many years.


With the legislation of a $15/hr minimum wage in Seattle, some restaurants are publishing the livable wage paid to their workers, and abolishing tips. Others are printing on their receipts a variation of “All tips go to workers.”