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Tips Are for Servers, Not CEOs

Unfortunately, just about all of them do it.
I ate breakfast this morning at a restaurant and asked the waitress if her employer had indicated to her where they stood on the issue. She had no clue what I was talking about, and asked another server. I don’t think either one of them believed me.


Agree, but don’t forget, with the explosion of “right to work state” laws all over the country, they won’t be able to push back. Under these laws an employee can be fired for anything with no recourse.

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Being “early retired”, I have a problem with the expectation that I must tip. When I do eat out at a restaurant (not takeout), I typically sit at the bar so that I can feel like I’m getting takeout.

that’s why I always leave my tip in CASH so I know the server gets what he/she is due. My son is a waiter and he is a big tipper (in CASH).

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The best revenge is always on the economics of it…You boycott restaurants that pillage the tips…Money is all they understand…you cut into their money, they come around to your way of thinking.

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