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'Tired of Being Quiet,' Another Woman, Amy Dorris, Comes Forward to Accuse Donald Trump of Sexual Assault

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/17/tired-being-quiet-another-woman-amy-dorris-comes-forward-accuse-donald-trump-sexual

I have too much respect for animals to call Trump a reptile, but if I still held to that outdated paradigm, where it’s OK for humans to project onto the animal world all of our own worst tendencies, that’s the direction in which I would go.

So, if we’re keeping score as we should be, we have:
Biden: Accused of one sexual assault by a tainted accuser; On video sniffing people and invading their personal space; denies ever committing sexual assault, Biden has two marriages; no accusations of adultery.
Trump: Serial adulterer; publicly on video bragged about committing serial sexual assault (I grab em by the pus*y); close friend of Jeffrey Epstein; public comments about wanting to have sex with Ivanka; nearly 30 women credbily accuse him of sexual assault; Trump’s public comments about enjoying walking in on nude teenager beauty pageant contestants; Trump made sexual comments to his niece; Trump commits adultery with porn stars and orders Cohen to bribe porn stars for their silence; Trump advocates penalties for women who seek abortion and appoints judges and others who oppose all access to contraceptives and abortion.
So in the Lesser of Two Evils Super Bowl, Biden is clearly the winner.
Trump is clearly a chronic sexual predator, misogynist, and enemy of women.
Just another reason to vote Biden.


The sad thing is this won’t change any votes because MAGA woman like to fantasize about being raped by a billionaire while they are being porked by their beer burping Proud Boys.

So where were all you self righteous people when Teddy Kennedy left a woman to drown in a river.

Kennedy never bragged about his indiscretions the way Trump does.

So bragging makes it bad, but leaving someone to die is OK if you don’t brag about it. Sounds like demoncrap reasoning.

Cold blooded.

I know, right? If only Biden went on TV and said, “Vote for me–I’ve sexually assaulted fewer women,” he’d have the election in the bag.


Or a bacteria, a virus, an amoeba, sulfur, or just plain shit…that’s what he is…a waste product of humanity on drugs.

Nice whitewash of Uncle Joe.


And a nice slap of Tara Reade, whose story is many times stronger and corroborated contemporaneously than Dr Christine Blasey-Ford’s.

So much for #MeToo and #BelieveWomen. Those are just bullshit in Democrat town.

I suppose you called Bill Clinton’s accusers – multiple payouts – bimbos, right?

Vote for me, I won by a field grope in the

You can’t make this stuff up.

For the record, I am an advocate of survivors of sexual abuse. There is nothing in Biden’s accuser’s story that rang true; in fact it was almost word for word identical to another accuser’s tale and even though trump does the same thing over and again, Tara’s story wasn’t credible to me. A predator doesn’t assault once and never again. Biden is no predator. The other guy, trump, clearly is a predator of the worst kind. I’m touch feely and I invade people’s space. You have to be sensitive to people and their boundaries. I learned. Biden has learned. Trump will never learn because he is a drug addicted moron with few brain cells working.

It’s strange that you bring this up, the story had nothing in it about Ted Kennedy, and Kennedy’s not running for President in this election cycle. Most of us here want to welcome you, but not if you joined just to grasp straws to protect Trumps already tarnished image. Or is this your type of response when any woman talks about inappropriate behavior by men?

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He could rape the entire Sisters contingent of the Salvation Army and be praised for it.

She could have come forward much sooner.
This accusation goes on to the long list of previous ones, i.e., to be ignored.

Kennedy was wrong to do that. Your hero is also wrong.

That wasn’t about right or wrong, it was about money and power. The things republicans have taken to themselves now along with bigotry.