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Tlaib Says Lack of Popular Stimulus Checks in Bipartisan Relief Plan Shows 'Disconnect' Between Senate and People

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/01/tlaib-says-lack-popular-stimulus-checks-bipartisan-relief-plan-shows-disconnect

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I am not asking for me because I am fine, however I am demanding on behalf of those in pain and strain to get off of your ass McConnell and provide relief.


McConnell has a “red line” - no liability for corporate Covid-19 abuses of workers and consumers.

Why do the Democrats have no “red lines”? And have not had any for 40 years?


The Democratic Party leadership’s “red line” is the lipstick on the asses of the Republican Party and the billionaires who own both right wings of the GOP-DNC junta.


How else will so many people afford the burial of their loved ones from the gross mismanagement of this pandemic. Not only should they provide stimulus checks, it should come with an apology.


Gee, what a surprise. Manchin wants to lead the other DINOS in another sellout to the Republican Party.
The Democratic Party needs to purge Joe Manchin from its ranks.


A burial is out of the question. You may be able to pull off a cheap cremation for around $1200, but I doubt it.
Hopefully people will remember how the sociopaths in government didn’t give a shit about their grief.


Indeed. and in some families two or three people have died. I’m thinking some rather dark thoughts about what to do with the ashes. This just makes me so angry. I can’t stand to see that treasonous traitor Manchin without handcuffs.


Amen fern. Many think it’s the Covid medical bills that will bankrupt many more families. But the funeral expenses will play an integral role as well.
What’s immeasurable at this time will be the bitterness that those families will harbor over this entire pandemic debacle. And $1200 isn’t going to even begin to cover that trauma.


We are seeing the beginning of a very harsh landscape to come. Just a drive through downtown here. there is an absence of small business’ and a place where one day a week people would meet to enjoy a walking visit through local business and culture events. It is a larger grief we face and knowing it didn’t have to be this way is part of it.


The unasked question is who in their right minds voted for these incumbent Republicans after witnessing the utter lack of respect they have shown for the country these past four(ty) years?


Maybe anything is better than nothing now, but even with a Democratic Senate next year, given the rigid resistance to what’s desperately needed amongst many members, how much more better than nothing will we get?


Here is a case where compromise equals do-nothing.


Any bill that includes immunity for corporations, regardless as to how partial it is, should be a non-starter. It’s amazing - though not surprising - and icky that these so-called centrists make immunity such a priority.


It doesn’t matter, shit stain McConnell has already rejected the new $900 billion plan.
“We don’t have time to waste time” WTF???
Why isn’t he hanging from a DC light pole?

“Mitch McConnell Rejects Bipartisan $900 Billion Coronavirus Stimulus Plan”
CNBC Television Platform


Gee, what a BIG surprise.  The Senate has been disconnected from the vast majority of The People for only 22 or 23 decades now.   IMHO, it’s time to abolish the U.S. Senate and turn ALL of its functions, and all 100 members, over to the House of Representatives (which is in dire need of 10-year term limits, redistricting & de-gerrymandering a.s.a.p.) While we’re at it, the Electoral College should also be abolished.


Another stimulus check would be nice and a much better use of public resources than more tax breaks for the rich. But single payer health care and more rent and mortgage relief is more important for the unemployed especially in the midst of our worst pandemic in a hundred years…

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On the subject of “unasked questions” and your comment

In a Duopoly we don’t ask “Who voted for such and such?”

We are limited by our choices. So, we ask
“Who did the winner run against?”

Also, how many stayed home cuz neither political party gave voice or policies to support the Wage Slaves and the rest of U.S. stranded on Planet of the Clock Punchers?

Meanwhile the professional classes are tuned in to the hourly Public Airwaves PLANET MONEY programming and where every week is THIS WEEK ON WALL STREET or BUSINESS INSIDER or MARKETPLACE or BLOOMBERG BILLIONAIRE BID-NET NEWS or BULLISH INVESTOR or FORBES or FREAKANOMICS.

Where would a Wage Slave stranded on Planet of the Clock Punchers go looking to find any news or views from our perspective, and we represent well more than 90% of the electorate and U.S. media consumers!

A coupla-three exit questions for ya Exploited_and_Angry:

When is the last time you confronted a union rep or union hierarchy member and asked them where is the effort to demand equal time for use of the People’s Airwaves?
(Correct, the air waves and cyber spectrum belong by law to U.S. the people\Sheeple.

The Corporate Caliphate merely leases and applies for licenses issued by the FCC to spectrum and bandwidth).

In today’s corporate-captured news broadcast Trump’s Head of the FCC Ajit Pai announced his resignation as of next month.

Same last question about when is last time you tapped out an email to your U.S. Rep’s Constituent Comment box on their or your U.S. Senator’s web-page?
Have you demanded access to our nation’s broadcast or cyber spectrum?
Do you know your elected rep’s positions on the FCC and NET NEUTRALITY?
Have you independently searched online to educate yourself on the topic and on your own best interests? Investors and corporate officers know their best interests.

Do you think you or I deserve to have our Wage Slave Week program aired or our LIFE ON PLANET OF THE CLOCK PUNCHERS occasionally be offered as an alternative to THIS WEEK ON WALL STREET?

Ever wondered what happened to all the Mom and Pop businesses of our youth that over our life-spans could no longer afford to lease commercial space on MAIN STREET? Have you complained how every Main Street in America is dominated by the same few national chain stores? Ever tried organizing?

Do you even know who your U.S. Rep and Senator are? Have you done any organizing to call for equal broadcast\cybercast access and broadcast\netcast time? Do you just complain about how everything is Pay2Play in our country, while our global competitors have greater social safety nets, then complain about how we don’t need no stinkin’ NANNY STATE like the Canadians or Europeans and especially not like them COMMIE Norwegies, Swedes, Danes and Finns with their socialized health care and national PUBLIC INTEREST TV?

Jest askin’

Mitch Ritter\Paradigm Sifters, Code Shifters and Song Chasers
Lay-Low Studios, Ore-Wa (Refuge of Atonement Seekers)
Media Discussion List and Looksee

Without economic assistance to the consumers of products and services, funds and “protections” (economic and health) are moot, and merely funds to give bonuses to upper management, stock buy-backs, and “free money” to gamble/invest in the “free market,” …at the people’s expense. A logical system would have increased the disposable income of the (“former”) workers to stimulate the economy from the market demand side. However, increasing corporate “revenue” while they aren’t providing products or services (or jobs/wages, or costs), is both economically absurd and morally repugnant.

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Well, what’s hilarious, is prior to the election, “progressives” like Ro Khanna were arguing to “take the deal,” remember? A whole bunch of progressive outlets were doing what they do best, crap on Nancy Pelosi, for not taking a deal with reportedly very few limits on corporate liability. Here we have a limited term liability deal, and we are going to excoriate people for it. Ironic, if not predictable.