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To Achive Highly-Touted Development Goals, Disrupt Business-as-Usual, Groups Say


To Achive Highly-Touted Development Goals, Disrupt Business-as-Usual, Groups Say

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

World leaders gathered at the United Nations on Friday and adopted a set of development goals—from eradicating poverty, to achieving gender equality, and taking urgent action on climate change—but they'll only be achievable, according to anti-poverty organizations, if we bring an end to business-as-usual.


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"There is no development on a dead planet".

If what big capitalists say its true, that "behind every crisis there is opportunity", they'll still be selling bullshit.


Wow! That was a bunch of " cannots " there. But, since the U.N. is funded by the " yes we cans ", this sounds a lot like a call and response in the local school yard. Even the Pope knows he's really ' begging permission " to assert that which we already knew; all things are coming undone rather quickly. And, Saudi Arabia getting a prominent seat at the U.N., instead of one in the parking garage, is a pretty rusty nail to hang the world's hat and future on. " While money doesn't talk, it swears Obscenity, who rally cares Propaganda, all is phony " B. Dylan 50 years ago and Mother Earth; we're bleeding worse.


And, since all will be dark, we'll just have to grow mushrooms. Will the doors of perception, then, become permanently unhinged?


"Governments—rich and poor—must defy vested interests that seek to maintain the status quo at the expense of people and the planet.": This is why it might be better to say, "leaving no one behind except the capitalists".


Hi, and yes, I'm smiling....the term capitalists...what most do not understand, even the capitalists, is that real capital is built on raw materials like water, rocks, sand, air...fresh water that you can drink from a stream, gone...the scares from digging up the dirt are obscene...the sand from our beaches is filled with little balls of plastic and the air we breath is unfit for even the strongest of plants...this capital that capitalists speak of is fake, smoke and mirrors...oh boy, lets print more fake money and claim we have more capital, geez...the planet is cooked, burnt, left on the burner way too long...thank you for your post, it really got me going, hope you don't mind the rant, it's not aimed at you, I am agreeing with you 100%.


Just another bullshit article that ignores the plain fact that the meat industry produces over half of all greenhouse gases, and that all of the other stuff produces a minority of greenhouse gases. So of course they focus on the minority and ignore the 500 pound gorilla in the room. Why the silence? Why doesn't anyone speak up?


I forgot to add that 350.org is a bad joke. If they really cared about the environment, they would have pointed out long ago that over half of all greenhouse gas emissions come from the meat industry. Their silence tells me everything I need to know about them. They are under the control of the meat industry and that is why they remain silent. See Cowspiracy on Netflix.


Just a thought...
Business-as-usual means massive GREED. First in the USA, people need to start offering products at a reasonable cost and not like what it was when we had products built in the USA. That must be the first. Then enhance the products where it used to be. Such as when I opened an ice cream it is 80% of what it was 15 years ago. Something bad is going on in pure GREED. Set it first, then work on new developments in USA and Europe.... Basically we need to change this business as usual to the new stuff...


One cannot rewrite history, but I have always felt strongly that if Reagan had not been elected in 1980, history worldwide would have been kinder to our cause. There probably would have been less stress in the Middle East. Carter would have stepped up alternative energy work.
The Republicans have created nothing but conflict and friction here and worldwide. And no real wealth for most Americans. We really had a turning point in the 1970's and did not take it. It is going to be very strange to see people like Inhofe in the Senate actually having to react sanely in the next few years, especially since they have pledged not to budge from dysfunction. If enough Americans would really get up at least one day a year and hold a no business as usual day it might actually make an impression.


The UN "MoonMan" has to go. He's been there for decades causing the Sixth Great Extinction and Global War with his incompetent bungling. Here, he's ignored the elephant in the room: Unregulated Capitalism, which will always dictates suicidal infinite growth.

He's basically asking a Bear to stop shitting in the woods. I suspect he is only addressing climate at all, to upstage the Pope's attempt at re-gaining credibility with the world. When it could have made a difference, he was silent on global warming, since Oil Companies rule the world.


Untrue. Ag meat is only 18 percent, if that. If you want, I will repost the EPA charts that show you are wrong. It's your fucking car, Ron. Light vehicles create the Lion's Share of Greenhouse Gases.


When I see world consumption of meat going up and the environmental experts totally silent on the detrimental effects of meat production, I have a very pessimistic outlook for our future on this planet. Every industry has powerful lobbyists wielding control over government officials; it just seems that those in positions of authority understand that people will NEVER reduce consumption of meat. To even mention it is to commit political suicide. The funding for research will dry up if you promote a plant based diet as the best action to fight global climate change. Most people don't even consider reducing meat in their diet till they suffer their first heart attack so making changes for the sake of planet Earth just isn't happening.


Your 18% is a number that I have cited often. However, in the movie Cowspiracy it is explained that the actual percentage is over 50%. The 18% figure was an ultraconservative finding that omitted the by products of agribusiness. Watch the movie; then you can change your "untrue" to "true."


Any development is a planet killer. Any growth on a finite planet means that planet's death. This is more green washing and wishful thinking.


and what crop are we growing the most of, humans, yum yum
snicker snicker, it a joke, sorta


Once again everyone is blaming the market, and ignoring overpopulation.

Let's debate endlessly over who shops more and who is ruining the planet with their unneeded luxuries.

But let us not EVER discuss personal responsibility for having more children. That would just be wrong.


Tom, there is not doubt that our reliance on oil has created major issues re environmental health but........the EPA is not in my mind the most forth coming organization to consult on what's really going on. In another words, they are not truth tellers.

As to your 18%, that has been disputed by World Watch which is an organization to believe. Here's the back story and the percentage is more like 51%.

"Livestock are already well-known to contribute to GHG
emissions. Livestock’s Long Shadow, the widely-cited 2006
report by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization
(FAO), estimates that 7,516 million metric tons per
year of CO2 equivalents (CO2e), or 18 percent of annual
worldwide GHG emissions, are attributable to cattle, buffalo,
sheep, goats, camels, horses, pigs, and poultry. That amount
would easily qualify livestock for a hard look indeed in the
search for ways to address climate change. But our analysis
shows that livestock and their byproducts actually account
for at least 32,564 million tons of CO2e per year, or 51 percent
of annual worldwide GHG emissions."



Free, I would respond to your challenge by saying that practices that become outdated or harmful as time goes by, as I believe meat eating has do not disappear over night.

At this particular time and on this planet, meat eating has become a liability to the continued survival of the species. We do often have choices in how we eat that would put less pressure on how this all plays out.

Education often stimulates change not necessarily miracles. My advice would be to educate yourself as to the tasty do-able affordable options and see how that works out. As to legal solutions, subsidizing the cattle industry and other agri business concerns is not helping the situation. The way the food for animals is raised is toxic and the way the animals are raised and killed is unhealthy and beyond inhumane. It wasn't always that way.

Further, citing the reality of a situation does not necessarily mean that one has an absolute solution to go with it. Common Dreams is full of astute observations and heart felt opinions often backed by research. That doesn't mean that each and every one of us has the solutions to the many challenging situations that we comment on.