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To Address Historic Failures, Autopsy Urges 'Progressive Reboot' for Democrats


To Address Historic Failures, Autopsy Urges 'Progressive Reboot' for Democrats

Jake Johnson, staff writer

"Outmoded narratives and facile calls for 'unity' must be replaced with a new vision of politics that is explicitly inclusive and participatory," concludes new analysis


I’ll believe Brand D is serious about inclusivity and progressivism when it stops sabotaging third-party efforts to gain permanent ballot access—that is, not having to gather petition signatures each cycle, a huge drain on limited resources.

Ah, if only the Ds fought the Rs as hard as they fight the Greens…


Money talks:


So, speaking in a more populist tongue, " I’d like the D Brand to support making the Green Party more of a national party and truly relavent, so that we can insult you on a bigger platform, reaching a much larger audience ". :wink:
Where would you like them to send their checks?


I’d like the D brand to practice what it preaches. That’s not too much to ask, is it?


Uh, that means voting out all the current ‘D’ elected whores and putting people like us in there.


No. I voted Stein in 2016 after supporting Sen. Sanders in the primary. I was just pointing out that the DNC, as currently configured, probably won’t be sending us Christmas cards this year.
But, that’s their problem, not ours.


The Democratic Party is going through an identity crisis? There are those that think the Republicans won in 2016 therefore the party needs to become the Republican Lite Party to go after the moderate Republicans. But the recent polls show very low ratings for our current Republican majority congress, while Trump is is becoming one of the most horrific presidents in our history. If he isn’t impeached first, he most likely will not be re elected with his low and decreasing numbers in the polls.

I would love to vote for Bernie and Elizabeth Warren or vice versa. I would also like to see the Democratic Party be the party of diversity, as it was under Obama.


You’re running?


The words Democrat and Republican is synonymous with Corruption.

Only a third party, one who’s main goal is Peace such as the Green Party, will ever be able to pull our political system out of the toilet.


Why not? I could run as part of the Peon Party – there’s billions of us!

Pwr 2 the VOTING peons!


The US used to have multiple parties in the form of factions within each larger party. Remember when the Reptilians had social progressives like Lowell Wicker in the party? Remember the original Medicare bill passing with 70 votes in the Senate? The Democrats used to be a mix of blue-dog southerners, left of center stalwarts and socialist progressives. There were always internal conflicts and debates between the factions but eventually the party would forge a left of center leaning message. Sometime in the late 70s and early 80s the party took a huge turn to the right and got in bed with Wall Street money while at the same time quashing all dissenting views. The blue-dogs turned to the Reptilian Party while the socialist progressive people simply stayed home or resorted to third party votes. The Clinton-Obama-Perez neoliberal faction forgot that the party base are the progressives in the party and not Wall Street which led to the blanket losses across the country. Being a Democrat used to mean something. Kirsten Gillibrand 2020.


Sign me up!


I wasn’t sure if I I should take your first comment seriously … that said, there was a time in the far distant past when regular people ran for office; hell, Lincoln was pretty much just an ordinary guy; but what I was thinking of was back in the 50s the plumber down the street ran for office – went to DC and tried to get laws passed that would benefit his neighbors/constituents (imagine that!) – came back home and went back to plumbing – instead of making a career out of bullshitting his constituents for 20/30 years and then going on to lobby the next elected whore!

I’ll run on the ‘maryjane’ ticket – pot in every backyard, and a pipe to smoke it in!


“Instead of working to strengthen its support among all working class voters, the party has sought out votes from upscale Republican-leaning districts”

This seems to be more myth than substance. The first the Clinton campaign did after the convention was set out for western Pennsylvania and eastern Ohio to give speeches to working class voters. The centerpiece of the campaign was an infrastructure bill that would have created many jobs for workers in the construction industry. The first thing Clinton promised to do after taking office was to work on creating working class jobs and she promised to form a special group to deal with with issue. She was very involved in helping with the drinking water crisis in Flint Michigan. She promised coal miners programs to deal with lost jobs in that industry. Clinton gave speech after speech about creating working class jobs but the press just focused on her e-mails which was really a non-issue when all was said and done. Hillary Clinton is not a populist and also many Democrats in office also are not populism. Maybe they fear the dangers of populism. Certainly the Trump campaign is an illustration of the the negative side of populism. I don’t see any clear answers. Go too far to the left and you can’t in in more conservative areas. Stay toward the center and many Democrats will be displeased. I think if progressives do better in elections the party as a whole will move in that direction but right now they are probably thinking more about the landslide losses of McGovern and Mondale and are not sure what to do.


No matter how unpopular I would be concerned that Trump could win again. The Republicans are pushing hard on voter suppression to stop people who would probably vote for a Democrat. We now know how easy it was for Russia to manipulate the social media to help Trump as well create more divisions in the US. So will something be done about social media before the next election? Of course if there is three more years of Trump it is hard to know what this country will be. Will there still be a free press? Will the courts still function effectively? And, will the Democrats be even more divided than in 2016? Right now I think the thing do is work to make it easier to vote rather than making it harder. The easier it is for more people to vote the better chance a Democrat will have in the next presidential election. If enough people can’t vote neither a center left Democrat or a progressive Democrat have much chance of winning.


An article entitled “Progressive Reboot’ for Democrats” without one mention of the impact of Sanders - I guess Sanders doesn’t figure in the DNC’s future.

An interesting word count of the “Autopsy” .PDF:
Sanders is mentioned 24 times,
Clinton 77,
Democracy 8,
DNC 36,
Trump 34.
socialism 2,
corporate 24,
Wall Street 9,
credibility 2,
cheat 0,
corrupt 0.
rigged 0.
stacked 0,
lie, lies 0,
untruth 0,
falsity 0.

Democrats are going nowhere fast.


Number one, yes you are right, and I am outraged. BUT how do we do that effectively? I am very outraged with the Republicans right now. .Democrats less so. The Republicans are nauseating for presenting the country with supply side trickle down when it has NEVER been successful over decades.


Make it easier to vote while also encouraging shy voters to come out no matter how discouraged they may be by the corruption, divisiveness, and utter chaos minute by minute.


GuildF312S : “I’d like the D brand to practice what it preaches. That’s not too much to ask, is it?”

Exactly…, They cannot even be called the “Democratic Party” anymore because they have proven definitively that they do not believe in democracy. So forget it, the DNC is dead. The Democrat Party is leaving an empty shell. Long live democracy. But we had damn well better resuscitate democracy because every necessary electoral system has been undermined and is failing. We must all join the increasing movements for electoral reform and fix our democracy NOW! That will take the creation of a United Front based on common priorities and agreed upon best practices, issue by issue. So understand your issue and work it, baby, work it. Let’s join together and build a platform for democracy and prove for once the promise of democracy, that we the people have real power.