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To Advance Bold Policies Like Green New Deal and Medicare for All, Ocasio-Cortez Fights for Seat on Key Tax Committee


To Advance Bold Policies Like Green New Deal and Medicare for All, Ocasio-Cortez Fights for Seat on Key Tax Committee

Jake Johnson, staff writer

When it comes to the perennial question of how to pay for the big-ticket items on the progressive agenda—from a Green New Deal to Medicare for All to tuition-free public college—economists and policy experts have comprehensively charted a number of viable paths forward.


“But how will we pay for it?!” (For providing healthcare, vision care, dental care and mental health care for all of us). I just can’t imagine how we can come up with so much money for such a thing. https://watson.brown.edu/costsofwar/


Will Sen. Pelosi nominate A O-C for a seat on Ways & Means?

“Hey, Charlie Brown—I’ll hold that football for you!”


So far Pelosi is sticking to seniority for committee appointments. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez will get where she wants to go if she sticks around but maybe not for the next session of Congress. Actually Pelosi’s biggest problem is new Democratic members who are centrists. A number of them pledged not to vote for her for her as House Majority Leader because she is too far left. Pelosi can count on the progressives for their votes unless there is a progressive candidate but not the centrists. Therefore she may have trouble getting enough votes to win.


Unpacking your misinformation takes a while. So, go back and do your homework, then come back and b.s. us. Think of crossword puzzles designed by Neera Tanden; yeah, that’s the ticket.


Getting around the ‘pay go’ rule. We want to fund the Green New Deal so let’s cut the defense budget in half. What do you say now Nancy Pelosi.


We need to go back to the flat tax and set it high enough to pay all the bills (25%?). OF course :roll_eyes: laws need to set it right. If an emergency happens then McCain’s sales tax method would work. Sticking to the constitution is the problem, to much money ruins everything.


There are extra vacancies on committees due to Republicans losing seats and retiring. Pelosi will have to place freshman in important seats.


Each caucus has a committee that looks at and nominates committee memberships for the caucus to vote on. Seniority is an important qualification. Appropriations is a powerful standing committee so don’t be surprised if a freshman congressperson doesn’t get a spot. Just because someone’s a newly elected popular activist doesn’t mean the caucus owes her a seat. It certainly can happen, but there’s no guarantee.

The more important news is the leadership is considering term limited chairmanships. Republicans did that years ago and I think it’s time Democrats do the same. If they do, that will be an important way to keep leadership fresh, give new members opportunities, a good thing.


I detect the stench of a tRump Dump. Go away.


Way to go, OC!

In the mid-terms, millions pounded the pavement, rang door bells, and donated their meager earnings because they agree with the progressive program, and believed the progressive candidates they voted for. They are not stupid; they don’t expect any worthwhile new law in the next two years. They don’t want watered down half measures. They mean to win the Senate and the White House in 2020, and they are prepared to fight alongside you every step of the way. Disappoint them by letting the Neo Liberal Wing of the Democrats dilute your message, and watch them sit out the election in 2020, as they did to NLW leader, ‘banksters-in-my-cabinet’ Obama in 2014, and as they did to another NLW leader, ‘million-dollar-speaker’ Clinton in 2016. Walk tall, stay on message, call out any Pelosi-Perez missteps at every turn, and for goodness sake differentiate your 2020 election message from the NLW. We’ve done it once; we can do it again.


Pelosi says: IT IS OFF THE TABLE! We cannot afford to fund a green new deal.


What is the new definition of “progressive?” This has always referred to an ideology centered on building the economy/nation from the bottom up – legit aid for the poor at one end, firm restraints on corporate and financial powers on the other. That said, Pelosi, is long-time Clinton Dem, well to the right (pro-war, anti-poor, pro-corporate empowerment). AOC is the current “star” being marketed by the Dem Party, and is clearly “not ready for prime time.” Although someone put a “democratic socialist” button on her lapel, she clearly has no idea of what democratic socialism is.


Dear Lord, this untested woman, who may turn out to be God’s gift to us, is not the only progressive in Congress. Can we please stop putting all of our chips on a person who won because she was a great campaigner in a district that matched her demographics–that was the selling point locally–but who has yet to show us she knows anything about how to govern, how to pass bills, how to work with people? Can we please stop falling in love with candidates and see what they can and will do?


Absolutely not idiot.