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To Avoid World War III, Gorbachev Says All 'Nuclear Weapons Must Be Destroyed'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/11/04/avoid-world-war-iii-gorbachev-says-all-nuclear-weapons-must-be-destroyed


The ability of humans to control our anger is minimal, or non existent, so when global warming leads to refugee tensions we can expect emotions to be fraught with fear.
In 1962 Castro asked the USSR to leave the nuclear weapons in Cuba thus calling out their neighbor (us) and threatening WWIII. The Soviets pulled out against Castros wishes which possibly saved that day…but there will be others.

when one bully has all the weapons, countries are naturally in fear. By sanctions and intimidation the bully gets his way.

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Truly a great statesman. We need to move to an eco-socialist world if we are to eradicate inequality and continued assaults on our ecosystems. The twin threats of ecological and nuclear disaster are existential threats.


Smart man. Perhaps, our politicians could be programmed this way.


That’s been clear since the end of WWII – and US/CIA has only used its
military power to intimidate the rest of the world.

Gorbachev has long been for peace with US – and I don’t think that
Putin is anxious for a nuclear war, either.
However, what Putin continues to try to make clear to the American population
is that the more they are threatened by US policy and actions, the more ready
they must be against those threats.

We have a war-mongering US policy in the US since GHWB & “W” –
and the threat to other nations is real – and must be stopped.
We need to overturn the BS of “Regime Change” – return to diplomacy, cooperation
rather than domination, authoritarian rule and wars.

In between we had Clinton, and in fact, when “W” took over you can see Colin Powell
and Condi Rice on video commenting that things were so “peaceful” that …
“You would actually have to create enemies in order to have a war.”
And that’s pretty much what they did.


Mikhail Gorbachev proves once again, despite what the war mongering deep state says, that the divide between the Russian and American people is not that wide at all. Both countries’ citizens want peace and a better world for their children to grow up in.


If Gorby is serious he should be nominated for a Nobel.

Who’s ‘they’? The Russian population, or the US population? I’d say both in your context.

Let’s not forget that when the Soviet Union collapsed, American ‘economic experts’ were dispatched to help the Russians transition into a free market system. Those ‘experts’ created the oligarchs, and in so doing, created Putin! Similar to the rise of China after Kissinger’s visit there, and now both these countries are supposed adversaries to the US. I’m all for nuclear disarmament, but I would argue that we should be advised to keep these things in mind as we slowly drift into some WWIII scenario.

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Putin speaks for Russia – the government – those who run armies, buy weapons.
The people are another issue – they don’t want war or nuclear war any more than
we do – but NATO is sitting on their doorstep, and US/CIA keeps tearing up old
Hillary was very aggressive towards Russia –
Trump’s romance with Putin and what Russian money can do for him seems to have
slowed things down.

War is the dream of Elites – not the people, anywhere.

As usual, not a mention of the main threat to our existence except in one comment. The main reason for heightened tension all over the world is climate catastrophe. With both the US and Russia refusing to even pretend to treat the emergency like an emergency, these 2 nuclear-armed oil corporations are threatening the existence of every other country in the world; 2 major emitters stuck at a pitiful under-20% renewable grid, let alone primary energy. What will Russia do when its declining oil and gas revenues threaten its economy?

Meanwhile, at least 65 countries have grids that are more than half renewable energy; 22 of them at or near 100%. The Nordic grid is at 66%; Germany at 47%; the UK is now emitting less carbon than it has at any time since the 90s–the 1890s.

A billion people in 3 nuclear-armed countries depend on water in the Himalayas that’s disappearing; it’s the most likely scenario for war there. Not a word in the article about all the most likely reasons for nuclear war. While the other possible causes of nuclear war are unlikely risks, climate catastrophe is a certainty unless we stop it. But how can we stop a problem we don’t talk about the cause of?

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I m agree with Mr. Gorbachev.
Pls. Read below.

I applaud your determination to communicate what you think will make a better world for everyone. A letter to the UN. Wow. And I say that because I think many of us have thought at one time or another, that we had a good idea of what to do. But most of us never actually do that. And not only did you step right out there, I agree with most of your ideas.

I can see that many small countries would agree to a relocation of administration responsibilities. And that it would be better handled. Then there are the larger landmass countries. There’s the … whoa that’s not gonna happen reaction. And I understand that reaction also. I am in the U.S. and I think my country would dig in it’s heels seriously. I think that Russia would also. Canada may or may not, nah, I think they’d disagree with said request.

Your thinking that the UN would be able to tend to all administrative responsibilities and things would be just fine… remember all the things happening in the African world. The vicious violence. The kidnappings. The utter chaos. NATO has tried. The UN has tried…even sent in troops. All to no avail. The UN acts and reacts like little silly grade-school girls. All talk, no positive action, no solid accomplishments.

I’m sorry Zekeriya_Can , I can not see these suggestions coming to fruition.