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To Be Heard and To Be Seen: UK Drag Queens Fight Back Against Trump


To Be Heard and To Be Seen: UK Drag Queens Fight Back Against Trump

To help ease us into another week of our national debacle comes news of a wide-ranging "carnival of resistance" by UK groups mobilizing for Trump's planned visit there in July. Declaring his normalization of racism, bigotry and misogyny "an exceptional danger," a "March of Millions" will delightfully include a Drag Protest to celebrate diversity, because, "If we can be accepted as the extreme glittery spectacles that we are, it might make it easier for everyone else to be themselves too."


Fabulous! Thanks to the UK resistance!


And the latest crime of this liar-in-chief:


For those of us that are awake…we are all drag queens, we are all native americans, we are all marginalized…I thank gawd for drag queens, native americans and all of us that are marginalized, We Are Normal!


I wanna be there with them


If you remove “Sovereignty”, you discount the Papal Bulls from 5 centuries ago and the Doctrine of Discovery. All of which are the basis for America. It would negate the Constitution and other related documents creating a new state. Just from this one point it is a really dumb move and grossly Fascist.


Yipes! That drag queen in the article intro photo looks like Trump as a drag queen. Queen Trump the first and hopefully the short lived one and only.


That b**ch has been around way too long already. I’m still hoping one of those cheeseburgers lodges securely right in his trachea while he’s alone at whatever hour he might be. Gotta think of a good hope for Pence who’s really sincerely death on GLBTIs… not just bloviation like Dump’s.


No, I am NOT a drag queen. I am not mentally ill. I don’t dress up in garish costumes to draw to myself the attention I am so desperately craving.

And no, you are most assuredly NOT NORMAL.

In creation, all things are made with certain characteristics which show the intent for which they were made. A fish is made to swim underwater. To put it on land and expect it to live is to go against the way that God made it. Likewise, to try to feed a lion a diet of vegetables would be to kill it. It was not made to eat vegetables. You can look at its teeth and see that it is a carnivore.

The human body show us several characteristics. If I were an alien looking at mankind, I would observe the following:

We have a certain kind of body which has wider hips, a hollow place in the body which apparently is for receiving something, a tube leading up to that body. This certain body, which we shall call “female” produces an egg once a month. It appears to be for reproduction. Furthermore, this female of the species has certain characteristics, such as external milk producing glands, which lead us to believe that as a female, it is the nurturing part of the human species. In further observation, we see that it bonds closely with its offspring in kindness, devotion, and love.

There is another of the species which is called “male”. It is made to fit into the female, deposit its seed in the female, in a most pleasureable experience they call “sex”, and have that seed join the egg to produce a new human being. While the female is nurturing, the male is stronger, more protective, and is the one who gets the food for the family unit while the female cares for the nest and the young.

By observation of this construction, we see therefore that the purpose of the sexual unit is the procreation of the human race, the creation of a unit called “a family” and the bonding together for life of the two opposites called male and female. This is how they are supposed to work and how they were made to function.

When any machine does not work correctly, we call in an expert to fix it. Females and males are created to be attracted to one another. When anyone is attracted sexually to the opposite sex, that is the normal function which compliments the way they were built and designed. When any of these are atracted to one of the same sex, this is outside the parameters of their function. We know therefore that such a unit is not functioning in regards to how it was created and there is a problem. An expert needs to be called in. And since we know that there is another force at work in our world – the same force that causes wars and the rich to oppress the poor – then we must call in the experience of the One Who created man and woman and ask why the male and female units are not functioning according to the way they were built.

The answer is, of course, that the Evil One has entered their mind spaces and convinced them that they were “born this way” when in fact, the evil one has entered their minds and confused them with falsehood. The Evil One has confused their minds with trading feelings for function. Feelings are not facts. Their bodies state the facts. Man was made for woman. Their bodies have a certain functional purpose in life that no amount of feelings can change in regards to their use of sex.

Those who defend such misuse of the natural order of the creation are delusional and filled with strange thoughts that come from the Evil One.


Well, it’s nice you have something. I am not deluded by a gawd religion or faith. Have a nice day.


I’m not sure our frankly a great portion of our now dumbed down populace even realizes–this does not happen to the United States. Our president does not get rejected in countries like the U.K. It’s unprecedented. Maybe half the people of the United States don’t even realize it, just like they don’t know geography or civics The Reagan years in large part created the country just to what they wanted–isolated and ill informed. Reagan himself was a radio man who was an idiot. Talking constantly about right and wrong, unity, and democracy. A fantastic ruse for what was really going on.