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To Block Pipeline, Nuns in Court to Defend Cornfield Chapel


To Block Pipeline, Nuns in Court to Defend Cornfield Chapel

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

A group of about 30 Catholic nuns in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, who constructed an open-air chapel on the proposed path of natural gas pipeline, are in court on Monday fighting efforts by the fossil fuel company trying to seize their land.

"We honor God by protecting and preserving His creation."
—Sister George Ann Biscan

The sisters appeared at a U.S. District courthouse in Reading for an 11:00am hearing, following two prayer vigils earlier Monday morning.


“get permission to deploy U.S. Marshals on the nuns”

Let’s see if we can sic em on the Grandparents too


If this nation was still the United States of America, a Constitutional Republic, they might have a chance.

  • Unfortunately, it isn’t and they probably don’t.
  • But, I wish them well.


Well lefties flocked to help the NAs at Standing Rock - wonder how many will show up to help the nuns in Lancaster … …


You seem to be on a run. Of cynicism. The kind we have zero place for. Now, with things the way they are, every gesture, no matter how seemingly minor, needs to be honored. Brick by brick…


Lefties have so often been inimical to religion - hence my question … a rather legitimate one …


Yes, to a point you are correct. The “university crowd” and urban intelligentsia yes. But worse now than say 1965. The Second Gilded Age has boutiqued out almost everything. We are not immune. I saw it big time starting in the 80’s (the beginning of the gilded piss fest of Reagan).
If you go further back, you will see a big difference.
I had to live through the AIDS crisis as an open gay guy on California college campuses and cities. We were abandoned initially. I know what it’s like. Reagan terrified people. I wonder if anyone even remembers the extent of retreat the Left did. I found many people worthless while I was at the University of California. Probably a little better now.


Walt, I appreciate your response - I lost my brother to AIDS in '92, he was a pretty remarkable guy - but I remember hearing about some of the stuff he had to go through …

There is no no doubt that that the hierarchy of some of the religious institutions, with their “doctrine” and “dogma” are devastating to the basic tenets of all the “great religions” - love they neighbor as thyself - and the great decline of religion in this country has a great deal, IMO, to do with that - but there is also another “school” that comes out of religion - there is a religious “left” - we talk about MLK a lot but seldom note that he was Rev. MLK - that his impetus was founded on that “lefty” religious tradition and his speeches were peppered with religious quotations and allusions, and then there is the Catholic Workers group - and the Berrigans and Dorothy Day,etc. - all of whom did/do great stuff which they ground(ed) in those religious traditions … It was the nuns who first started hospitals, e.g - that many of those have now been overtaken by the “business model of life” is, IMO, no reproof of the model they were first grounded in ,

It seems to me it is a mistake to mock those who believe in a power greater than themselves that they can personally relate to - and that gives comfort when a strictly “secular” society and its science have nothing to offer …but I have seen a lot of that mocking on “lefty sites” - it seems to me that what we need is not an “abolition” of religion, but a cleansing of its house …


Yeah, it’s been hip for quite a while. I never learned anything about Catholic Worker until just a few years ago. What part of this is rooted in dovetails into my polemic above about the 1980’s. That’s basically when the right was able to divide us-and don’t think for a minute it was not considered. You can bet Lee Atwater had it running through his narrative somewhere.


“What part of this is rooted in dovetails into my polemic above about the 1980’s.”

? Sorry, don’t quite understand - are you saying that my reply has nothing to so with your observation about the 80s? Well, I guess i would agree with that, I suppose, but it does expand on my original comment, to which you replied, questioning to what lefties will support the nuns’ effort …

I agree that Atwater and those schmucks were/are rather nefarious characters, but i think the left itself has to do a great deal of introspection - be honest about the extent to which a good chunk of it has it’s own “religion” with its “bible” and “sacred writings”, its own hierarchy of “authority figures” - which are “sacrilege” to disagree with …

I have been on these threads for years now, here and on other sites and the pattern is the same - and endlessly repetitive, with only some variations on the theme …some call it the circular firing squad …bogged down in what amounts to academic discussions, polemics, quite frankly in tribalism - whether it be in the basis of color, ethnicity, gender, ideology - losing sight of what binds us as human beings, and if we can’t even figure that out - how can we come together in common cause with other life forms - we insist on emphasizing our differences, to the point of calling them “fundamental”, and insist on demanding “respect” for them instead of on our commonalities. And i am increasingly frantic, knowing that Mother Nature is pretty fed up with the lot of us - and has finally run out of patience - while we sit around and have discussions about whose lives matter, or matter more - if we understood, in the present, and for the sake of our offspring, that ALL lives matter - that we ARE in this together whether we like it or not, and started behaving that way… maybe, just maybe, we could do something about the doomsday rolling down on us - and that means reaching out to folks that we would “prefer” not to …


No, your reply does not at all address my brief stuff about the 80’s. I brought it up because I think that was the period when they got all this rolling : The word salad for starters. Reagan’s and other’s speeches started the trend -there you go again! Catching everyone off guard with little evil childlike statements; the “L” word" ketchup is a vegetable, a nation of “entrepreneurs.” All manner of word nothingness.
The issue of living through ground zero of AIDS is germane in a few ways, most of all like watching two highly different movies on the screen (maybe “split screen” like Monterey Pop) where what is happening on one is so different than the the other words escape you.
I hear you on the endless cycle of who/what/when/why is more important. It’s all important. Maybe when all the language crap starts up people can just go walk to their nearest natural setting and stop talking for a bit. Has a magic way still in the species of helping us to think clearer.


In those days when the diagnosis of AIDS was essentially a death sentence - it definitely, it seemed to me, seemed to focus folks attention on what was truly important -that there was no artifice or subterfuge on the part of those suffering from it could be disconcerting to those not faced with that - there it was, not to be sidestepped or avoided to be faced in ways that called out the best in those with it and sometimes the worst in those not … a time of clarity, I think it was a turning point in many ways for individuals and for the nation - there was no going back to “how it used to be” …

Good point, I agree - lefties need to meet in the open air, in the woods, on the mountains, by the sea - too many conferences in the “cities” …


AIDS really interrupted everyone’s lives who was proximal to it. I made it through but it was a real bad trip laid on top of other bad trips during the period. I had no money and was trying to get an education. There was suddenly layer on layer of difficulty for actually many in the country, the newly homeless mentally ill. the sudden brick wall for women that Schlaffly and others constructed. And yet my relatives. other sort of people hanging on in the middle class often chose complete obliviousness and materialism that went further than anything I remembered in middle class LA in the 60’s. So for me, it was like a preview to this deadly, upside down society we now have where Walmart instructs it’s employees how to get food stamps while the owners pack it away. By selling junk to the working and underclass that is half the time worth simply throwing away. None of it made sense in 85, and black people casually dying from water in Flint does not either. The country is in psychosis. Including Silicon Valley and the beloved media. The county is simply spinning it’s wheels, daily. The pastime paradise Stevie Wonder sang about is here, now. Open the window and please let me breathe…


“Atlantic Sunrise” is the name of the pipeline. If you don’t get the humor involved…