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To Block Trump's Gutting of Methane Regulation, Coalition of State and Local Governments Sues EPA

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/14/block-trumps-gutting-methane-regulation-coalition-state-and-local-governments-sues

Trump and his ghoulish allies continue their war on our living planet and have so sabotaged our government that an agency intended for environmental protection is now an agency fomenting environmental destruction.
Let’s hope that the lawsuit isn’t heard by Trump cult judges.

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Should we alter Trump’s sense of smell so that methane smells like skunk spray to him?

CAN we do so?

Regardless of who’s installed by our duopoly, WE’ll bail out their fracking pyramid scheme (Socialism!) Everything said, here, we were taught 55 years ago. Nobody believed peak oil (that oil, methane, ethane & bitumen would cost more to extract, transport, refine, than it’s inherent value: to destroy human “civilization,” for a few wealthy old white men). Had Hillary won, we’d have seen tens-of-thousands more wells fracked, 2 or 3 more cracking plants outside my hometown; LNG terminals, offshore platforms (fracking) off the coasts and pipeline wars in Syria, Iran, Ukraine (or Russia) US and Canadian protesters imprisoned to fight AGW firestorms or clean up blowouts. If we don’t fight now, it won’t just be our grandkids dying for this archaic, financially ruinous industry it’ll be ever more people dying NOW from drought, famine, pollution, floods, unimaginable hurricanes & tornadoes, ice storms, spills, blowout and hundreds-of-thousands of failed bores’ lethal water, air and food pollution, so we can sit in traffic amidst the floods, plague, firestorms and tornadoes?

If you think this issue would END with Trump, you’ve been intentionally blind to what “America’s Bridge Fuel Miracle” has done to your less wealthy, healthy and smug neighbors?