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To Bolster Chance for Peace, Trump Pressured to Halt US-South Korea War Exercises

To Bolster Chance for Peace, Trump Pressured to Halt US-South Korea War Exercises

Jake Johnson, staff writer

On the heels of a meeting between North and South Korea in which Kim Jong-un reportedly put denuclearization on the table, a grassroots coalition of more than 200 anti-war organizations and activists sent an open letter (pdf) to President Donald Trump on Thursday calling on his administration to help further "the current momentum for peace and dialogue in Korea" by can

I suppose this is a time for optimism.

Then there’s Trump.

I’ll be considerably more positive about this world’s chances for Peace, when our government isn’t run by corrupt Duopoly politicians that value Money more than Human Life.


A very dangerous situation. Lets hope cooler heads will prevail.


"I’ll be considerably more positive about this world’s chances for Peace, when our government isn’t run by corrupt Duopoly politicians that value Money more than Human Life."
But what happens until then? Donnie John sure seems like he will not be happy until he can get us into a war. But, hope lingers.


Hopefully, Trump will accept NK Kim’s invitation to come to North Korea to discuss Peace.


The US war games and practice for attacks on North Korea are the equivalent to North Korea’s testing of nuclear bombs and associated missiles. If you were North Korea would you stop the testing and deployment unless the US stopped threatening war with North Korea? Can a reasonable North Korea stop building nuclear capability until there are clear cut indications that the US will not start a war. It is going to take real actions on the part of the US specifically with all the talk of abandoning the Iran agreement.
The US and Trump are big bullies and the only way to change the American’s actions is for North Korea to stand up to the big bully.


I thought this North Korea BS was fake all along, trying to pump militarism into a flat tire with a hole in it public.

According to the worlds experience with US MIC, they need enemies, they need wars to justify the use of depleted uranium ammunition, big bombs, supersonic bombers, subs, aircraft carriers, destroyers, you name it…
Ah, there are some targets. War on terror, Afghanistan, Iraq, North Korea, Iran, Syria, Russia, maybe Turkey, Somalia, Jemen, how about Venezuela or Cuba ?
Please stop meddling in countries that do not pose any danger to the US, give peace a chance. The biggest group of victims, many of them not realizing they are victims, are the American taxpayers and soldiers.


Michael is proud of Trump, folks.

Shall we make this a National Holiday, and name it after Trump?

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If you were America, would you stop the testing and deployment unless the aggressor country/nation stopped threatening war with America? No sane country would stop as long as an aggressor was threatening them. This is how/why America developed the nuclear bomb.

Not quite. America (with British help) was persuaded to develop the bomb on intelligence that Germany was attempting to build a bomb. Which they did attempt to do. And because America and Britain, having already fire-bombed German cities with mass loss of life, weren’t adverse to REALLY fire bombing German cities if it would end the war sooner. Lucky Germany, to have lost the war before America perfected the bomb.

There are two excellent reasons why North Korea will never give up nuclear weapons
ballistic missiles: 1) They hope to use them to lever the USA out of the region. China wants the same goal, bringing South Korea and Japan within its hegemonic circle, and reconquering Taiwan. 2) They see an opportunity to earn money selling those weapons to other nations that are also opposed to the USA. A famous Pakistani once said that the best chance for peace (as he understood it) is for as many nations as possible to obtain nuclear tipped missiles and aim them at the USA. Think Gulliver waking up on the island of Lilliput bound down by the Lilliputians.

Given the inherent to the situation antagonisms between North and South Korea, South Korea has reason to regularly practice and exercise their military to meet any North Korean attack. And North Korea, for maybe paranoid reasons that they will get attacked, practice and exercise their military each year. The only realistic change you can make to the situation is to subtract the USA from the South Korean exercises. But there is good reason for those South Korean exercises to go on, each year.

Unfortunately, Japan was not so lucky. What you have written is exactly what i was attempting to say. We developed the bomb because an aggressor was at our door. And Kim feels the same way.

Not so believable. Hitler could have never dropped the bomb on us. (Maybe on Britain or the USSR). Hypotheses: We developed the bomb

  1. because if Hitler had the bomb he could have stopped us from defeating him.
  2. We were so morally callous at the time that we would have used it to hasten an end to the war, never mind the number of civilians killed.

There was never a regime so hated or deserving defeat as Nazi Germany. Think about it.

This meeting is going to come out a disaster for Trump as long as he dismisses what the Koreans will surely do. For example Trump will demand progress on denuclearizing the Korean peninsula. NK will say fine we can probably begin to do that as long as you begin to remove the US and South Korean nuclear capability from the peninsula. The US must also begin to draw down its armed presence in the Peninsula. The continued war games that the US and its allies continue to do must stop. This is the equivalent of the NK tests of ballistic missiles. This meeting confirms NK as a nation equivalent to other nations in the world. The US, NK, and SC must sign a treaty establishing NK as a normal nation and actually finishing the Korean war.
The North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and Trump are both bullies that exaggerate their talking points, bonbast their views, and can’t carry on a civil discussion. Trump doesn’t seem to be able to do this stuff one on one so perhaps during the meeting they will make some progress. However as soon as the meeting is finished Trump will declare victory and retreat from everything he agreed to during the meeting.

We are close to war. If they agree to tone down the confrontation and lift some of the sactions, NC will probably agree to halt their testing and stop new construction. No long term solution but a shifting towards less confrontations.

Maybe this meeting will have positive if limited impact. However, as I have said before if this becomes a pissing match the only result will be that both Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un will get piss on their fancy shoes.

Neither side wants armed conflict - let’s hope that each leader has enough sense to avoid an escalation.

North Korea is a huge prison camp run by a psychotic, vicious, and irrational dictator. While I applaud Trump’s willingness to meet with them, given their refusal to adhere to any agreement they sign, I do not want to see the US make even one concession in advance of this so-called summit. This is the goal of the dictatorship—win concessions from the west without adhering to anything. Let’s not fall for that again.

What makes you think that Trump can bully the NK until they give away their limited capability and the very little security that provides. NK is not that foolish knowing that would lead to their demise. Peace is probably possible if everyone agrees to no further escalation-- No more testing or development by NK and no more armed military exercises by the US. Gee if one wanted to look at this in a way that produces a fair and equitable solution - that is a fair solution.