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To Bolster Grassroots Groups' Demands for Climate Action, Philanthropists Raise $600,000 for Extinction Rebellion and School Strikers

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/12/bolster-grassroots-groups-demands-climate-action-philanthropists-raise-600-million

Uh oh, has Extinction Rebellion been co-opted already?

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Ooops it looks as if someone typoed $600k into $600m. If we had $600m that would be a game changer.

I’m seeing “100 times that”, or $60 million.

What? I understood we don’t accept mega donors for well-known reasons.

Fight truth decay, avoid buyouts.

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Yes in the text. But the headline says $600 million.

Capitalists To Raise Millions To Co-Opt #ExtinctionRebellion & School Strikers

Rich ’ #Philanthropists ’ incl. #AileenGetty ( #GettyOil) plan to raise 60+ million for their #ClimateEmergencyFund to foster #GreenCapitalism