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To Break Big Oil's "Stranglehold," Obama to Propose $10-a-Barrel Oil Tax


To Break Big Oil's "Stranglehold," Obama to Propose $10-a-Barrel Oil Tax

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

President Barack Obama is set to propose a $10-a-barrel tax on oil to fund clean energy infrastructure, a move that environmental groups said would bring the U.S. "into the 21st century."

"Obama's vision underscores the inevitable transition away from oil, and investments like this speed us along the way to a 100% clean energy future," said Sierra Club executive director Michael Brune in response to the announcement.


Any tax increase should be redistributed from the bottom up, to make the poorest Americans whole as this would otherwise be a most regressive tax.


How much of the pipeline stuff intended for export will see this tax? Can coal and gas for export have the same levy placed on it?


Carbon tax (even though this would be only on oil), and investment in energy transition, are both 45 years late. Better late than never? Sometimes late, is too late.

And i agree with #Upthepeople : Tax and Dividend, not Tax and Invest. Give the money to the people, not the corporations.


Proposal should definitely be for a carbon tax, not just an oil tax.


Maybe conservative politicians will see the light when solar industries provide their bribe money.


Lame Duck President politics fronting for a corporatist candidate with a bad policy record on the environment... nothing more.


Absolutely regressive. Many cities, counties and states are looking at a .10-15 cents increase in fuel taxes, also. The President knows this isn't going anywhere.


That is how I saw it too except that this helps blunt Bernie's stumping for a carbon tax. How does this work anyway? Obama approves export sales of oil and fossil fuels yet he suddenly decides to look progressive. Is there a chance that this will even pass or is it a publicity stunt? Hillary wants to say see Obama and I and Biden we are progressives.

What a crock. Still it is better than not proposing it since it at least gets people talking. That isn't much but anything helps at this point.


Zero chance it will pass. It may not even come to a vote on the House floor. Pure politics. But I agree, for what it is worth, it puts fossil fuels on the debate agenda... and if Hillary actually tries to use it Bernie will hammer her on Fracking.... So it is no lose for the people.


The dog and pony show... smoke and a little sleight of hand in front of the mirrors. Like Hillary didn't know Obama would play the game with this 'progressive' move that actually will go nowhere just as you say.

Now we understand why Hillary kept blathering about being a progressive and how Obama was a progressive.

Oligarchy sure is pulling out the stops to keep Bernie from getting the nomination. They know if Bernie does that the repubs wouldn't stand a chance of beating him. Meanwhile they know Hillary is a risk but that one they don't mind. Change is what the oligarchy and their servants want to avoid. A vote for Hillary is a vote for the status quo.

It is very much like it was voting for Obama. Promises - promises... lots of hope that he'd be historic as the first black president but we ended up getting the status quo. Hillary would be the first too but so what? There is no way that anyone can avoid facing that she is an oligarchy girl from way back.


I think President Obama deserves more respect than he receives, including from the progressive community. And, we will all want his help for Bernie and (Liz?) in the general election later in this year.
The oil and gas giants have said for years that a carbon tax was fine with them, the sooner the better. Of course, they intend to just pass it along to consumers. And then forget about any limits on them. Well, if consumers get it back, at least it's a start. Such giants as James Hansen, Naomi Klein, and others have called for a similar tax and structure for years.
Beyond that, I agree with just about every post here except this: the time for being cynical has passed. What's it going to take to get the ball rolling toward workable solutions?


You'd think these greenies would grow tired of kissing Dear Misleader's dick after having swallowed so much of his piss.

You'd apparently be mistaken.


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That tax has to be restricted from tax write offs to be effective. I am tired of programs that create regressive payments and allow the corporations and their have more investors to write it off. The corporate can even write off part of their monetary punishment for defrauding the public why the f is that allowed.


Another empty promise, from an empty politician, whose presidency is devoid of any serious accomplishment. It is funny to think that Obama believes people actually care what he says. We gave up on him a very long time ago. Move along, nothing to see, just another empty idea that he won't put any political weight behind. Been there, done that.


Nobody will pay.

Obama tacked rightward ever since he was nominated in 2008, pushed the ACA through in his first year to assure that the Democrats would lose control of Congress in 2010. GOP control of Congress gives Obama cover to get his corporate agenda approved and come forth with proposals that he knows will never be approved by Congress. This is just one more Obama-contrived distraction to keep us from paying attention to Obama's real agenda...TTP, TTIP and TISA that will give the oil cartel everything they want and more.

Slicker than Slick Willy was (and is), eh ?


Not so mysterious when you consider that Obama wants to distract us from his TTP, TTIP and TISA push.


Every word here, both in the article and the comments, proves 'America' is a dead letter ecstatically proclaiming it is life (zombie pertains); that 'American' English is plainly insane.

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